Spruce up the Facebook login page with your favorite image

Change the look of Facebook login page with Chrome extension

If you have got bored seeing that typical Facebook login page, and want to change it somehow, here is an opportunity to do so. This can be done using a Chrome extension, named as Facebook Refresh that means you can change the Facebook login page only in Chrome not in other browsers. Simply install the Facebook Refresh in your Google ...

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FireFox 4 Beta displays mouse hover link url in address bar

Firefox Address Link Location

An interesting update in Firefox 4.0b7 now displays url  in the address bar when you move your mouse pointer over a link in any webpage.The address bar changes a bit with a angular devider between the already existing url of the current web page and the one you mouse hover. Another thing to notice is the URL is shortened to ...

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Add Report Spam link in Google Search result

Report Smap link in Search Result

Search results are bound to have spams no matter how strong and smart the algorithm is and the best one to tell if a URL is spam is the end-user because we see it from a different mindset and do not use maths for this. Google Search Index is no exception and so Google Webmaster Central has released a Chrome ...

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Google brings clipboard support for Chrome with Web Clipboard

Web Clipboard Chrome ext

Web Clipboard is a Chrome extension which brings plain text and html clipboard support which in simple words mean that you can copy any number of items and then paste the one which you want.  This is officially developed by Google Team. To use this, select the text you want to copy and then click on the Web Clipboard icon ...

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Use Chrome Task Manager to find resource consuming tabs

Chrome Task Manager

Browser Chrome treats each of the tabs as separate process which gives an advantage to the users to kill it when a web page loading or plugin might be slowing the browsing experience down. One way of doing this is using the Windows Default Task Manager which also lists the open tabs in same way but Chrome comes with an ...

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Set Image as Wallpaper: Chrome Extension

Set the image on Webpage as wallpaper in Chrome options

We often come across an image on webpage where we want the image to be our desktop wallpaper, if you are using Firefox or IE, it is damn easy, as while in these browsers you simply need to right-click on the image and you get an option to set the image as your wallpaper. The option to set the image ...

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Preview Windows 7 Theme with Bing Visual Search

Windows 7 Theme Preview Bing

This is pretty awesome stuff for Windows 7 Theme lovers who find themes not so good after applying it. Bing Visual Search now lets you see a preview of all the wallpapers of the theme you want to download. Not only that it also gives you basic information about the theme including Size, when the theme was added to the ...

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IE 9 Tweaker makes it easy to change settings in IE 9

IE 9 Tweaker

IE 9 came out to be sleek and with that few settings changed like the address bar and tabs on the same line. IE 9 Tweaker is a free application which lets you change few settings which are deep into the options like turning on IE in full screen or Private browsing permanently on. Here is the list : IE9 ...

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Move Stop and Refresh buttons to left in IE 9

Move Stop Refresh

Starting from IE 9, this browser has address and tabs all in one line. This results in pushing the address bar on the left and less space. Now if you do feel suffocated because of this, IE 9 can help you make room by moving the stop and refresh button in the start and bring back the enter arrow for ...

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Free Sketching and Prototyping application and Firefox add-on

Free app to Create Sketches and Prototypes

Sketching and Prototyping are sometimes a part of somebody’s profession and working, and at times we find people for whom this is more like a hobby. Here is an awesome app, which can be very helpful if you are in to prototyping and sketching by any means. Pencil is a cool desktop app, which can be used to create awesome ...

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Chrome lets you block Location Tracking Cookies

Crosshair Wire Symbol location tracking chrome

Location awareness is now one of the common method to find where you are right now so that sites you visit can serve you better which can be in any form. However if you are too much concerned about your location Privacy, Google’s Chrome browser comes with specific settings which can help you in blocking sites which track your location ...

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IE 9 : How to create sections & add more items to Jumplist for Websites

IE 9 Categories Jumplist for Technospot

IE 9 Jumplist for Websites are great way to share useful links with the readers. As they are similar to Windows 7 Application Jumplist, the users do not have to learn anything new. By default IE 9 Jumplist allows you to add 5 only links into the Task category using the metatag msapplication-task. But your requirement might be to add ...

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