IE 9 : How to Make the Jumplist menu for websites

Jumplist for Technospot

IE 9 now lets you pin sites to taskbar which brings integration into windows 7 and lets you access the Jumplist menu which was only availble for application till now. Below is the list of tags which you can make use of ( I picked it from Facebook ) Tags to create jumplist : Website Name : <meta name=”application-name” content=”Facebook”/> ...

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How to restore IE 8 after upgrading to IE 9 Beta

IE 9 in Installed Updates

Call it downgrade or restore or uninstalling , If you are having trouble with IE 9 beta which is breaking your add-ons or accelerators, below is the step on how you can uninstall IE 9. ( Check out the Feature list ) and roll back to previous version of IE 8 or IE 7  you had. Click on Start Button ...

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Download IE 9 for Windows [ First Snapshots First Difference ]

IE 9 beta for Windows 7 and Windows Vista is out.  This is the direct link for all the languages and 32 / 64 bit versions.  Not all the languages have both the versions. You can learn more about IE9 at Beauty of the Web where they have talked about features of IE 9 like HTML 5 Support, Windows 7 ...

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Simplest way to read ePub files on Windows, Linux or Mac

Read ePub files on Windows Linux and Mac for free

ePub is a file extension is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), is also written as ePUB, epub, EPub etc. ePub actually is short form of Electronic Publication. Several eBook readers support ePub format books. You can read more about ePub here. If you want to read ePub files on your computer, here ...

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Switch to Tab gets you already open tab in Firefox 4

Switch to Tab in Firefox 4

Many a time you tend to open already existing website when using a browser. This might happen because you have already too many tabs open and you cannot see it or you just do it in hurry. Firefox 4 has this very useful feature : Switch To Tab , which  brings up already opened tab as you start typing either ...

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Playing with Firefox 4 Tabs and Groups [ Video ]

FF 4 Stacked Tabs

While trying to find out the UI inspiration of Firefox 4, I said that though it has Opera like speed dial feature but it more towards organizing the Tabs into Groups. Now each gets re sized automatically when you have a lot of them or when you do it purposely and when you take it to a level it’s too ...

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Where did FireFox 4 UI Features came from ? [ Inspiration ]

IE FF Multiple Instances

The Firefox Menu : Looks like new File Menu of Office 2010 which opens up the backstage of Office Application got into Firefox. They are same except that there is no drop-down menu which shows up in Office 2010. Chrome Like Tabs Chrome made the tabs go on top  and are more curved on the corners. The same features are ...

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Send links from Chrome to iPhone / iPad

Chrome to iPhone extension

Chrome to iPhone is a nice extension if you often share links between your desktop and iPhone or iPad. You can not share any link right from chrome browser to the devices instead of emailing them every time which is a common way to do it. You will have to just follow the setup instruction once to pair your iPhone ...

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Replace YouTube Flash with HTML 5 Video

YouTube HTML 5

Though YouTube came with a solution of using an iframe code which can handle display of video in non flash supported videos, youtube-html5-chrome, an extension of Chrome browser has taken a step in same direction. It replaces the standard Flash-based YouTube video player with HTML5’s new video tag which natively supports video. Video played this way will be more efficient and ...

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All-round weather report for any Location – AniWeather

Comprehensive Weather report for today and next 5 days with AniWeather Firefox and Chrome add-on

If you are interested in getting a detailed weather report for your location, there are several ways to do it; here is a simple way to get an all-round weather report, for any location. AniWeather is a Google Chrome extension, which can be used to get full details, i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. for any location instantaneously. When installed ...

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How to send links from desktop to your Android Phone

Send links to Andrioid Phone

Some websites require you to browse them through your Mobile device to get the complete experience. Send to Phone and Chrome to Phone are two extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers which helps you in doing so. Both of theses extension can be used to share links of YouTube, Maps or any other website using the Android’s Cloud to Device Messaging service. ...

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Quickly Copy Short URL of any page

Copy Short URL

Most of the websites now come along with their own URL shortener for example WordPress hosted and standalone sites use as URL shortner.Similarly other sites like Flickr etc have too.  These Short URL is mentioned as one of the meta tags in Web page header. For example see the below image Copy Short URL is a Firefox Add-on which copies ...

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