Find the lowest price for products you want to buy

Invisible hand Amazon

I remember when I was a kid, My dad getting into 3-4 shops to find out which shop is offering the lowest price. Well we do it still today in India as online shopping is not to so common but if you are in UK,  US or Germany Invisible Hand can just help you out. When you are websites which ...

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How to Use Bing to Find Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Bing Wallpaper Search

If you are bored of the regular wallpapers which come along with themes and packs, for change you can try out Bing Image Search to find new desktop backgrounds.  Using it is like searching anything except that this time we use Wallpaper in our keyword. Follow the steps below: Go to Select Images Tab which will take you to Image ...

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TidyFavorites : Manage bookmarks across browsers and devices

Managing bookmarks across all browser you use on your computer or on different computer is what every user always love to have. Solutions like XMarks which have plugins for all browser (e.g. Firefox ) are already doing that but today we found TidyFavorites which has one unique feature about which I will talk specifically. Tidy Favorites allows you to resize the image thumbnail of ...

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Export all the Links in Open Tabs of IE

URL String Grabber

URL Sting Grabber is a IE only utility which helps you grab all the links available in all the open tabs of Internet Explorer. You can export the output as HTML file which includes details like Description, Frame etc. To use this all you need is IE open and launch this tool. However if you have pages with high link ...

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How to Check If Your Website Is Blocked In China or Not

China Channel

China Channel is a Firefox add-on which is built to give users outside china an experience how it feels when you are surfing within China.  This plugin routes all internet traffic to computers on the inside of the Chinese firewall, allowing web surfers to experience an Internet identical to that of Chinese.   Once installed you will need to select China Channel and then click ...

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Free download Firefox Cheat Sheet

Free Download Firefox Cheat Sheet

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers, though people have different opinions when it comes to their favorite browsers. However it has been my favorite for years now. If it is same for you, i.e. if you too love it as your favorite web browser, here is something which you will love to download, The Mozilla Firefox Cheat ...

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Find address on Webpages in Google Maps : Chrome

Get Maps Chrome Extension

When you see an address on a web page it is possible you would like to find where it is if you are visiting that place. Send to Get maps is a useful Chrome Extension which can launch any selected address into Google Maps. This not only lets you skip couple of steps to manually find on Google Map but also ...

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Handy mini Google maps for Chrome

Google Maps Chrome Extension

Mini Google Maps is a handy extension for Chrome browser which helps you make quick searches if you use Google Maps often for that. It opens up a small pop up window of Google Maps and then lets you search etc. The only disadvantage of this extension is that it does not retains the last search if you close the window which happens automatically ...

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Google SSL : You might miss the keywords

Google SSL

In case you are missing to see the Pac-Man game on Google and seeing Google icon which has a lock on top, it’s probably the url which is instead of ( Noticed the s in bold ). Google has recently rolled out this feature which as advantage that the search results and whatever you search is not visible to any ...

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Page Monitor lets you spy on competitors site for any changes

Page Monitored Changes tracked

In today’s world of RSS and Email news letters it’s really easy to track when a site is updated. However you get to know only the changes which is informed to you, so you cannot track any changes which is made on the site for example update comment list, any change in the design etc.   Page Monitor is a an excellent tool if you ...

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Manage cookies created by Video streaming sites

Flash Cookies Details

We all know about cookies create by the browsers used to track you which is most of the times for your own convenience e.g to remember your preferences.  But have you ever thought that the videos which we see online ( most of them are flash-based ) also store cookies ? Yes and they are known as Flash Cookies. These ...

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Time limit website visits with

Time Limit Website surfing

This one goes for internet users who think they waste a lot of time on websites based on video, games or even “You know that” . is a website which allows you set time for how long you want to stay on a particular site. This way if you have just 15 minutes to catch your bus you still ...

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