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Latest Browser Updates. Tips and tricks on browsers like firefox, IE , chrome, opera and others. Extensions which can be used along with them to enhance users experience.

Open Copy Multiple Links

Open or Copy Multiple Links at once in Chrome and Firefox

We often come across scenarios, where we want to open multiple links at once, or maybe you want to copy the title and URL of each link in one shot. It...
Select multiple checkboxes in Firefox Chrome

Check Uncheck Multiple checkboxes in Chrome and Firefox

Many a time when you fill in forms, there are a lot of checkboxes. You may need to select a few or select all of them. While some of the websites...
Firefox Export username password

Firefox: How to Export username and password from Profiles

Many of us use the browser for saving username passwords of different websites. Firefox also offers inbuilt password manager, and it can sync it across devices. While they are encrypted and...
View and manage downloads from statusbar in Firefox and Chrome

View and manage downloads from statusbar in Firefox and Chrome

So, what do you do to view the status of an ongoing download while downloading a file using Firefox, the way is, have a look at the Download window, i.e., by...
Filter images by size before downloading from any website (Firefox)

Filter images by size before downloading from any website (Firefox)

Sometimes we need to download a lot of images from one particular website. However, we need only of a specific size or images which are in range with a minimum of...
disable Switch to Tab in Firefox and Chrome

How to disable Switch to Tab in Firefox and Chrome

Switch to Tab, is a feature in Firefox and Chrome which saves your time by switching to the already existing tab which matches the URL you type in the address bar,...
Restart Firefox with addons disabled

How to Restart Firefox in Safe Mode or Refresh Firefox

Using a browser with extensions is very common. When you have multiple addons, and your Firefox is not working as expected, it is best to disable all the addons. In this...
Search Browsing History Firefox

Efficiently Search Browsing History in Firefox with these Extensions

Many a times it is necessary to look back at the history of where you have browsed either to retrieve forgotten website URL or for the accidentally closed tabs. What is even more important for many is to find out the sequence of websites that were visited. Below is the list of Extensions and Add-ons which will help you quickly access, search browsing history using complex queries or delete them when not required.
Firefox Addons Download File

Smart Firefox Addons for improving File Download experience

Useful Firefox Addons to enhance your Downloading experience if you find download managers too complex to use.
Vertical Tab Chrome Extensions

How to add a vertical sidebar or dock to Firefox & Chrome

When you have a lot of tabs open, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is where. As the number of tabs increases, the length of the displayed text decreases....
Change background color image

Change background colour image you open in Firefox and Chrome New Tab

When you open an image in a new tab in Firefox, it gives you a dark background. While it works most of the time, I have my reasons why I do...

How to Rotate and Zoom images in the browser (Chrome and Firefox)

When visiting a website, if you needed to either rotate or zoom or flip an image, then here is a Firefox and Chrome extension which lets you do that. The extension...

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