Download 20 Funky Firefox Extensions you dont want to miss

Here are 20 funky Firefox Extensions that you don’t want to miss. They are not only funky but useful too. Addons like Tab Scope, speed dial, showcase, smart link, and others will make your internet surfing too easy. The best of all is Firebug which allows you to take a sneak peek into any sites HTML and find out how ...

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Opera Speed Dial feature

Opera released a new feature in its latest update of 9.20 for windows in browsers. This feature gives you fast access to your favorite sites just with using ctrl + (sped dial number) It can store upto 9 of your favorite sites. The main feature is the speed dial pad. Which shows you the thumbnail of all the sites you ...

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Browser Based Operating System

Whats the most commonly used application when it comes down to Internet? Its simple – Browsers. Anything you want to do You need it if its about internet.!! Its a catalytic converter which converts anything so that you can “see it ” and interact with it, independent of the technology that’s running on the background. That’s why every application today ...

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