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Latest Browser Updates. Tips and tricks on browsers like firefox, IE , chrome, opera and others. Extensions which can be used along with them to enhance users experience.

Block Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge Chrome and Firefox

How to Block Pop-ups in Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox

At times when you visit a website, multiple pop-ups appear, which is annoying. To avoid them, one can block them by clicking on settings. Every browser has this pop-up blocking feature,...
What Is Opera Speed Dial How to Use It

What Is Opera Speed Dial? How to Use It?

Are you tired of typing the complete address of the websites you frequently visit? Sometimes, it can get tiring irrespective of the browser you choose. That is why knowing how to...
Quickly Shorten URLs Of Any Page From Browser

Quickly Shorten URLs Of Any Page From Browser

Internet is ever-growing and improving. New websites are coming up almost every minute of the day. Gone are the times when remembering URLs was as easy as anything. With the addition...
Suspend Background Tabs in Edge, Firefox & Chrome

Suspend Background Tabs in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome To Improve Performance

Browser tabs sometimes get excessive and clutter your navigation bar. The number of tabs you have opened on your browser also strains your CPU and GPU and slows your computer. Out...
Best Browsers For iPad

5 Best Browsers For iPad You Should Try

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.
Block a Site From Appearing in Browser History

How to Block a Website From Appearing in Browser History

Browsing the internet and using its facilities is something all of us do without even being aware of it, and all of it has become an inseparable part of our lives....
Session Manager for Chrome

Session Buddy: Advance Session Manager for Chrome

Often, browsing leads to the opening of multiple windows and tabs. For instance, if you are doing a work presentation and researching using Google Chrome, opening multiple tabs is necessary. You...
Best Tab Management Extensions

Too Many Tabs Open in Edge, Firefox, and Chrome? Try These Extensions

Are you having trouble using too many tabs in the browser? It is well-known that opening multiple tabs in your browser affects the system's performance. Moreover, it also affects the web...
How To Open Last Used Tabs in Edge, Chrome and Firefox

How To Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge? 

Keeping tabs takes up a lot of memory on a Windows PC, so it's only natural to close them when they're not needed. However, we often end up closing the tab(s)...
Best Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

Best Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

These YouTube Chrome extensions will help you making your time watch the videos productive. Type of Extensions discussed are Downloading videos, clean watch, replay part of the video, choose preferred play resolution, keeping track of your watched YouTube videos and so on.
Fix: Microsoft Edge Startup Boost Is Greyed Out or Turned Off

Fix: Microsoft Edge Startup Boost Is Greyed Out or Turned Off

Microsoft Edge includes a performance booster that helps launch the browser rather quickly. It is the Startup Boost feature that can reduce the loading time. But, recently, users have reported that...
How to Pin Tabs in Firefox & Troubleshoot

How to Pin Tabs in Firefox & Troubleshoot

Firefox is considered to be one of the most privacy-oriented and safe browsers to use. The browser is regularly updated and better than the most out there because of its many...

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