Keep using Facebook while you watch the video

Facebook Videos

One of the major drawback of either the Lightbox Photo Viewer or the Video Viewer in full screen mode is you cannot do anything except looking at the. Though for many it makes sense but for videos you might like to choose mini player and not full screen. This means if you have a long video to watch which you ...

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How to Backup, Restore & Create Chrome Profiles

Customize Sync preferences

We saw how Google Chrome has already introduced support for creating multiple profiles which allows you to connect them to their  personal account and hence keeping all your data synced across computer. This is very obvious that you sync on a shared computer only when you trust each other. Now recently it so happened that all these profiles were lost ...

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Guide to Manage Multiple user profiles in Chrome

Chrome Browser can have multiple user profile which either can be created right from the browser for family members if your they are using your computer. This will also help you sync profiles between computer if linked with a Google account and it can Sync Passwords, Apps,Boomarks, Extensions, Autofill, Preferences and Themes.

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Create ePub Files from Feeds and Web Pages

Grabbing Feeds for Ebook

GrabMyBook is an excellent Firefox extension which converts any webpage or feed into ePub which you can later import into your eReader to continue with it at leisure.You can combine articles from different websites, add your own pages and edit the HTML if required.

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Productive YouTube Chrome Extensions

Clean YouTube Video

These YouTube Chrome extensions will help you making your time watch the videos productive. Type of Extensions discussed are Downloading videos, clean watch, replay part of the video, choose preferred play resolution, keeping track of your watched YouTube videos and so on.

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Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.

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