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Latest Browser Updates. Tips and tricks on browsers like firefox, IE , chrome, opera and others. Extensions which can be used along with them to enhance users experience.

Chrome Settings in Dev Channel

Chrome : On Startup, Add a new page gets auto complete + Title Search

Add a new page in your Chrome Start Up is still not easy as you need to scroll and select a page from your browsing history but good news is, Development...
Speechify Voice Search

Speechify brings Voice Search to Virtually any Search box ( Chrome )

If Voice is what you feel using all the time, specially if you have a headset on all day, Speechify extension for Chrome is one stop extension for you and it...
Tab pinned as App Tab in Firefox 4

Pin tabs as App in Firefox 4 for better tab management

Firefox 4 was launched recently, and with the arrival of this new version of Firefox several new features appeared in the browser. Some of the features are really awesome and make...
Allow an Extension in incognito Mode

How to use a Chrome Extension in Incognito mode

Chrome Incognito mode makes sure that whatever you are surfing is not recorded and any cookies that is created by any websites gets deleted as soon as you close the browser. ...
Enable Add-ons compatibility check

How to Enable Old Firefox Extensions in Firefox 4

Every Firefox Upgrade, many Firefox Add-ons stop working. The reason can be anything right from compatibility to other issues. Sometimes there is no issue but only because the Add-on was set...
Recent Updates of Add-ons and Extensions

Finding recently updated Firefox Add-ons is easy now

If you had always though which add-ons, extensions and themes where recently updated in your Firefox, Add-ons Manager has an excellent feature in place. It sorts  the add-ons according to recent...
FF4 Availble Updates for Extensions

How to turn off automatic update for Firefox Add-ons

Starting from Firefox 4, All the Add-ons are set to get updated automatically which means if you are if you are testing a current version you will lose it as soon as...
The Add-on Bar

Use Firefox 4 Add-on Bar to add quick menus

Firefox Top Menu bar has slimmed down a lot but if you feel the urge to have some extra quick menus like Zoom in, Zoom Out, Full Screen, Cut Copy Paste...
Firefox 4 is here

Download Firefox 4 It’s finally here!!

Firefox 4 is officially here and I am sure it's already downloading at the back if you use Firefox often. In case It's not showing up for you, Go to Help...
Show as Tab in Chrome

How to open Gmail Chat as new Tab

One thing which I really hate about Chat in Gmail is because its more like Pop-up window which doesn't allow me to switch with any shortcut. So if you aren't using...
IE 9 To Rollout Via Windows Update

Sit Back, IE 9 coming via Windows Update

If you had not take any pain to download IE 9 till now, dont do it now either. According to the tweet of IE 9 here and here, IE 9 will...
Syntaxt Highlighter for Chrome

Viewing Codes becomes easy with Syntax Higlighter for Chrome

Ciewing CSS files or PHP codes online is hard when you open the code as plain file in your browser. Applications like RJ Text ED always make that task easy and...

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