Sit Back, IE 9 coming via Windows Update

IE 9 To Rollout Via Windows Update

If you had not take any pain to download IE 9 till now, dont do it now either. According to the tweet of IE 9 here and here, IE 9 will be rolled out as an important update, Not sure if its going to be compulsory, I guess it should be optional. This push via updated started from 21st March ...

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Viewing Codes becomes easy with Syntax Higlighter for Chrome

Syntaxt Highlighter for Chrome

Ciewing CSS files or PHP codes online is hard when you open the code as plain file in your browser. Applications like RJ Text ED always make that task easy and now you can do the same using Syntax Highlighter,an extension for Chrome Browser.It comes with support for several languages like PHP,  Python and CSS which is required by many ...

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Whats new in Firefox 4 [ Video ]

Whats new in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is set to release tomorrow, though RC was out couple of days back but if you haven’t tried it yet, Mozilla Blog has set up a video which demonstrates all the features, at least the catchy ones, coming to your browser. Check it out : Our Favorite features are : Switch to Tab Firefox Tabs and Groups Sync ...

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IE 9 might get auto upgrade option to IE 10

IE 9 to IE 10

Not sure if Microsoft did it on purpose, but Windows8Beta has found a hidden message in IE 9 itself which hints that there will be an auto upgrade mechanism will be added to IE 9 so it can upgrade to IE 10 automatically which is supposed to rollout with Windows 8 The message says : Get the most from the ...

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How to view page source of webpage on iPad

Page Source on ipad

Safari Browser in iPad doesnt let see the source page of any webpage in case anybody wants to check the HTML code behind it for even testing purpose but there is an app for that. iHTML Plus is a free iPad app which opens up a webpage and then loads its Page source side by side. In case you want ...

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Two things IE 9 does very quickly

IE 9

After using IE 9 for couple of hours,  there are two things which I am loving about it. First  it lets me change the search provider as I am typing my search query on the address bar and second it allows me to turn on and turn off auto suggestions from search engines. And both are just one click.  To ...

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Download IE 9 Final Version ( RTM )

IE 9

IE 9 is the first browser from Microsoft which I see really working awesomely compared to the previous versions specially with one click ActiveX off and disable being tracked over the internet is really impressive. IE 9 also comes with hardware acceleration, supports markup language which lets you create special menu items in Jumplist when your website is pinned on ...

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How to see preview of any YouTube Video

YouTube Preview on Facebook

Watching a long YouTube video spoils the experience if at the end you find that video was incomplete or this was not something you were looking for. For YouTube videos if you want to watch parts of videos the only way is to keep dragging the progress bar by a certain time to see find out details. However this method ...

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Why I love the Bing (Tool)Bar

Email Alert on Bing Toolbar

Microsoft released a new toolbar few days ago and as usual my first impression like for any other toolbar was, another crappy thing which will disrupt my experience with IE 9 this time. But I was wrong  and here is why I love using it now : Absolutely Non intrusive : When I say non intrusive it doesn’t mean that ...

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Dont like a website in Google Search Result ? Block it

Block Sites from Google Search Result

Google has launched their first tool to gather some data which can help them to identify what websites are being disliked by users in their search results. These sites according to Official Google Blog is to find Content Warm which do not give a great user experience to users but since they rank high in Search Engine Result, makes them ...

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