Printers are getting smarter but there is a long way to go

Printer is something most of us use it in our daily life though the media is getting digital every day with more of online content in various formats. In my recent visit to Singapore for HP Innovation Summit, lot of new printers were launched and they are not only better but are now smarter. For example : The new printers are ...

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Naukri.Com being Gamed : Spam mails when applied for a job

Looks like a bad week , I was applying for jobs in Microsoft Technology and I got a reply asking me to sign-up for mginger which seems to be a mobile service paying you for reading messages…..Now THATS REALLY SHOCKING if I am getting spam from Biggest Job portals like Here is an image telling you all   Now ...

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Bots are back in Yahoo Chat room

Inspite of adding captchta check in yahoo chat rooms bots are back in chat rooms. I got a comment in my post saying they are back and I verified myself. Now its really stupid that real users are going under captcha check and bots are floating around in chatroom Update: Download Yahoo Messenger For Vista ( Click ) is available ...

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