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How Smartphone users see each other: Comic Comparison

iPhone Vs. BlackBerry Vs. Android Comparison in terms of users

There is no doubt that one smartphone user looks at the other with an opinion, kind of gadget you are using definitely gives an impression to the others. An Mp3 player user will probably always be seen as something like a non-classy by an iPod user, isn’t it? Here is an awesome comparison, as seen on C-Section Comics; it was ...

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Have fun while boiling eggs : Egg Watchers

Having boiled eggs for breakfast is considered to be one of the healthiest breakfasts; apart from being healthy it is one of the simplest cooking as well. However, boiling an egg could be little tricky when it comes to perfectly boiled egg. Here is a simple online tool, designed especially to help you boil eggs perfectly. EggWatchers, allows you to ...

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Sites to have fun with your photos

Want to spice up your photos by adding them to a hoarding, magazine cover, LCD T.V. etc. or maybe you want to add your photos on currency notes etc. Here is a list of 5 free sites which allow you to do such things, and that too very easily, with in few seconds. JPGfun – JPGfun has more than 200 ...

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Time Waster : ICycle – Are you ready for the Ice Age ?

Icycle or bicycle ? If you ever dream of cycling over ice, here is a small but addictive time waster game for you.  This game lets you bicycle through ice laden mountains and jump over the stingy ice thorns to and find a place. Controls are simple arrow keys. As you can see I was doing SO Well with 22 ...

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Dreamlines: Experience a dream in Web Browser

Dreamlines is an online utility; give you a dream like experience in the web browser. It has a simple search engine like interface, simply key in the keywords, anything you feel like, like Morning, Sunrise, Night, Fire, Kiss, etc. and it will show you some images they will not be very clear and exact, you can say, it will be ...

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Download Funny Vodafone ZooZoo Ad Videos ( Official )

ZooZoo Computer Shopping

IPL fever can be experienced all over; people rushing from offices to catch the live matches, crowd on the roadside stalls etc. are the couple of examples of this fever. You can get Instant IPL updates here Well, I don’t have any interest in Cricket, but people around me watch the matches regularly, so I too keep getting the glimpses ...

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Create virtual firework over sky in NYC Statue of Liberty

Fun time if you want to see how fire works look like in New york City sky over Statue of  Liberty on 4th of July then you should try Virtual Firework. All you need is just hit the sky with mouse and fireworks appear. Here is a small animation for that There is a static image below and animation works ...

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Create your own Bus Slogan [ Advertising on buses ]

Time for fun!! If you ever wanted to generate bus slogans ( Boards which you see on the buses used for advertisement ) and make people feel you actually had your name on it, Bus Slogan Generator can do it for you. All you need is to enter 3 lines of text and wallah! you will have the bus carrying ...

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