Find if your computer can play THAT Game

Sometimes it is really painful when you buy a game and later on find that your computer can not play that game due to some problem. Well the Shops wont allow you to test those games before buying it but this tool definitely can tell you by running a small test on your computer. This tells at the end if ...

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Bug Heroes : iPad Game Review ( Video )

Food Stash and Hero

Bug Hero is an iPad Game which combines three major ingredients of any action game : Shooting, Defending and Surviving with infinite amount of weapons to fight with .  This game is absolutely free if you are money conscious  and you only pay if you buy new fighters which is absolutely not compulsory. Lets get to know the game. Game ...

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Video Review : Gun Bros for iPad ( Game )

Gun Bros for iPad

Gun Bros for iPad is one of the most addictive action packed multiplayer online game where you flight aliens on different planets along with your friends.  Killing Aliens give you money which you need to buy even more powerful guns to complete 200 levels, 4 Planets and 7 more to come. I guess that defines almost everything in Gun Bros. ...

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Carnival Games coming to Kinect and Xbox 360

Carnival Kinect Racing

Its time to go Monkey !! Xbox Support team just tweeted about the brand new game, Carnival Games®: Monkey See, Monkey Do ™  for Kinect and XBox 360 and looking at the video it looks worth buying, specially for family entertainment. I really wish this game was up before and I could have add this to my Son’s Birthday Celebration ...

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Car Racing Games to get Kinect Integration

Head Tracking to look into the corners as you race

Seems like Car racing games will soon be having Kinect integration, no you dont have to run to win the game but you will be able to simpler things like Open the doors, start the engine, may be see the maps with hand gestures etc etc. If you had played Joy Ride , that was just starting. Tom @ WinRumors unveiled a ...

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How to play AAC and MPEG4 on Xbox console

XBox Optional Media Update for AAC and MPEG4

Most of the times when your friends get music or video on USB they are of different format from the supported ones. AAC which is the audio format for apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone and MPEG4 is one of the most common video format are not directly supported but if you download the Optional Media Update from XBox ...

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How to schedule download on Xbox 360 from anywhere

XBox Download Queue

Many a times it happens that you lose some good offers specially the free one for your Xbox because you are at work and going home is not going to be any time soon. Though sad but if you have access to internet you have a reason to cheer up. Your Xbox live account ( Gold or not ) allows you to ...

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iPad 2 : Both the console & the controller [ Video ]

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad 2

Looks like iPad will make people get rid of console games too, at least partly. A video demonstrated  at Firemint for Real Racing 2 HD takes advantage of 1080p support of iPad 2 and let users play the game on TV in full HD. The very interesting part is iPad 2 screen becomes like your car dashboard,telling you all stats ...

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Free Download Ghostbusters XBox 360 Game

Ghost Busters

Xbox is giving out one of the popular cartoon show Ghostbusters completely free. This game features the same story where Ghostbusters move out to catch all the ectoplasmic threats all over New York with their proton guns. The best part of this game is that its multiplayer  so you can play with your friends online. This version of game is ...

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