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Exclusive Hardware like concept mouse, hard disk and others.

Nokia Fuelband Wifi USB Connector

Nike announces FuelBand : The Stylish Calorie Tracker

Its not you see something amazing everyday but Today Nike announced something which sounds futuristic but its here and its called as Nike Plus Fuelband which measures your daily activity  using...
Limited Edition of Xbox Console Up for Sale

Are you buying Limited Edition Xbox Console Gears of War 3 and Star...

The Limited edition of Xbox Console, Gears of War 3 and Star Wars Bundle is up for sale priced for $399.99 and $449.99 respectively. I saw them just getting updated on the Xbox Consoles Page .So whats inside the box ?
Chrombook Open to Stores

Chromebooks on Amazon and BestBuy : Are they costly ?

Chromebooks did hit the store today. The price of chromebook is between 349$ to 499$. These are Samsung Series 5 and Acer models which come in WiFi and 3G.
Microsoft Mouse Arc Touch

Video Review : Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse: The Makeover

Just got tipped from a PR, that Microsoft infamous Mouse, Arc Touch has a new design now, you can flaten it to turn the mouse off and curve it back to...

Why is Chrome Netbook named Cr48 ?

Yesterday Google Offered its Chrome OS Netbook for free which is technically named as Cr-48. Now if you are wondering why the netbook is named so here is an answer from...
Google Chrome Netbook

Want a Free Chrome Netbook ? Signup

Google OS is finally making a clear entry and telling everybody it's not dead and if you want to give it a test drive, Google is ready to give a notebook...
Logitech Revue for Google TV

Logitech Revue : Official Setup box for Google TV

Logitech in an email update announced their Official Setup Box for Google TV. They call it Revue (A revue is a type of multi-act popular theatrical entertainment that combines music, dance...
Google TV Works

Will you buy a Google TV ?

Google TV finally has a home with a quick tour if you are interested to know about the product feature. After checking out the feature of Google TV, The first feeling...

Nine reasons why you should get the new Kindle

The new Kindle is  out and now it is powered with WiFi and 3G with the same 6" reading area but overall the device is smaller. Probably that's the first reason somebody...
Digital Lens

Digital Lens to help developers build UI for visually impaired

Microsoft's Israel R & D Center has developed an interesting product called as Digital Lens which can help developers in building UI which can be evenly seen by the Visually impaired people who are...

USB vs The ROM’s – Who is going to win ?

I remember paying a thousand bucks for getting a 128 MB USB drive and that was like 5 years back but now you can get even a 4GB stick in lesser...

HP Photo Smart / Touch Smart Printer – Whats Inside ?

Like We said about the upcoming contest for an HP Photo Smart printer here is complete details of the printer features, software and touch panel. This will convince you how good...

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