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Add and Sync Gmail Calendar

How to Add and Sync Gmail Calendar with Android and iOS?

Gcalsync is an open source software application that can synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile phone inbuilt calendar. It lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone’s built-in calendar. You can download events to your phone, or add an event on your phone and it will sync with Google Calendar.
smartphone for online betting

Three advantages of using a smartphone for online betting

There are many reasons why online gambling became so popular, and one of them is related to our handheld devices. Almost everyone who is betting online has access to a smartphone...
auto send SMS Missed calls

Auto send SMS or text messages to missed calls (Android)

Most of the smart-phones now have the option to send a text message at the time of rejecting any incoming call. However, the situation is different when you aren't even around...
Free Talking Santa for Android Christmas app

Download Talking Santa: Feed him, get gifts, and more [Free Android app]

Talking Santa is an excellent free Android App, a must-have download for everyone this Christmas. Once you get, it installed on your Android device, launch it to discover some ultimate fun...

Best Security Apps for Your Android

With so much of our daily lives happening on our phones, it’s essential to take phone security seriously. Unless you’re already conscious of your phone’s security information, chances are your phone...
How to share Hotspot or WiFi Password with others without telling them

How to share Hotspot or WiFi Password with others without telling them

Sometimes you need to share Mobile hotspot with friends and family. While you can change the password anytime, but if you are not comfortable sharing password with anyone, there are two...
Android automatically turn on wifi

Android : Auto turn off turn on WIFI based on location

Android has come a long way to have automatic WiFi turn on or turn off feature inbuilt based on location. The option is straight forward in Stock Android, but if you...
change DNS Android

Best Apps to change DNS in Android for faster internet access

Like Windows 10 and macOS, it is possible to change DNS in the Android smartphone. There are two ways of doing it. One is manually changing the DNS in the WIif...
Fake call app with recording

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps to save you from boring conversations

The scenario of being stuck in a boring conversation, or meeting is something ubiquitous, we all have experienced at some point in time, and most of us face this often. Here...
Fake Text Message Screenshot

Get Fake Text Messages on Android or Fake Message Screenshot

If you ever wanted to create a fake text message or SMS on your Android because you needed an excuse, then it's possible to generate one. You don't need to ask...
Android server website monitoring

Best Android Apps for server and website monitoring

If you are a webmaster or you own a website (or a blog), naturally, you will never like it to be down. But there are times when the site is down...
Easy Volume control apps for Android Tablets

Easy Volume control apps for Android Tablets

Some of Android Tablets have their volume buttons such that it is very inconvenient to use. On top of that, when you put up a case on it, it becomes even...

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