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iOS Like Launcher for Android

Video : iOS Skin for Android with Espier Launcher

If you iPhone friends are pretty unhappy because you got an Android, then its time surprising them by using the Espier Launcher which will make them feel that you installed iOS...

Why not to use same Apple id with iCloud which you share with your...

iCloud is personal while Apple Store is not. If you have shared one email account with your family you know what I mean if not read along.The basic difference between iCloud...
Trace a mobile phone number in India with free Android apps

Android apps to trace a Mobile Phone number in India

There are times when we want to know that the number from which we just got a missed call or a text message belongs to which circle or which operator (cellular...

Video Review : Facebook iPad App

Facebook App for iPad is finally out and if you have it installed you should see an update available. However it is possible that if you are out of United States, the...
Delhi Metro Map Free Android app to have a look at the complete map of Delhi Metro

Android apps for Commuters in Delhi Metro

Almost in no time Delhi Metro has become the lifeline of the people in Delhi and NCR region. And no doubt, Delhi Metro is one of those things of modern India...
Hotmail App Universal Inbox

Video Review : Official Hotmail App for Android

Microsoft has done it again, Now we have an official Hotmail app for Android which is a great news for Windows Live Users who have always missed this like Windows Phone...
Get notifications on Bubbles Live Wallpaper for Android free

Get notifications on floating Bubbles: Live Wallpaper for Android

If you have ever used an Android based smartphone, you might be aware of the notification area, and the notification which appear for almost everything like for a missed call, for...
Keep your phone unlocked when connected to your Wi-Fi network

Keep your Android phone unlocked when connected to Trusted Wi-Fi network

This app keeps your phone unlocked till the time you are connected to a trusted Wifi Network which can be your home, office or friends house. This way you save time and battery which is used in unlocking the phone specially if you do it very often.
Parental Control Configuration

Allow only Apps you want on your Android Phone : Parental Control

Android Parental Control app lets you control which apps can be accessed or set list of apps which can only be accessed. This is useful when you handover the phone to your kids and it makes sure nothing else can be accessed.
Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is not replacing SMS : Video Review

Facebook Messenger which just deals with the messages which you have it on Facebook. Now what is interesting about this app is it also lets you send across SMS in case your friends are not available on chat but have shared their number with you.
Google Plus Buttons in Android Market

Android Market to get Google Plus Button

Google Plus buttons will be soon available in Android Market, making it easy for users to push G+ button and cast their voting for it.However now we have two rating system and not sure how it will effect the market.
App2SD Notification for USB Storage Capability

Batch Move Android Apps to SD Card and Get notified for new ones

App2SD moves android apps in bulk to SD or USB storage which saves lot of time and for new apps you get notification if the new app can be moved to USB storage device. Remember not all apps have this capability.

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