Re-Sign multiple APK files with Test or Private or Your Own Keys

Signare Sign APK Files

If you are an Android Developer with tons of APK files that needs to resigned again with different key or need to replace the test keys with your private keys, doing it with the developer tool can take a lot of effort and time both. AndyHarney @ XDA-Forums has developed a tool which allows you to batch sign such APK files ...

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Batch Rename those Poorly Named APK files to their Actual names

If you have third party Apps on your Android Phone which are not named nicely and when go to find  that app and all you see is garbage name for example a Photo App named as PH_1_0_2.apk, its time to make those nuts into sometime that makes sense. Primetechv2 @ XDA-Forums has created a Batch file which can rename them ...

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Video : Batch Install APK Files to Android Phone

In case you are running out of space and you need to delete some apps from your Android phone but you hesitate because you will need to download it again later and that means it will cost you bandwidth and time both, then you can now use Mass APK Installer to install apps on your computer to your Android Phone. How to ...

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Enable Multitasking Gestures in iPad 1 without JailBreak ( Windows )

JailBreak Option on Ressnow

Jailbreaking my iPad is something which I have never done but when Multitasking Gestures was rolled out to iPad 2 only, I was kind of disappointed and thought its time I do the jailbreak stuff but thanks to Lifehacker Post, it is possible to get the Jailbreak as well as Display Mirroring on your iPad One using a Redsnow ( Redsn0w ) Hack. ...

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Sync iCloud Photo Stream with Dropbox

If you use Dropbox to store all your photos taken using your iPhone and iPad and as of now you do it manually by using the Dropbox App for iPad even though it supports bulk upload, with iCloud you now get this sync automatically done for you. Moreover you need this because iCloud is limited to 1000 Photos for 30 days ...

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Control Data Usage on Android for each App or All with ICS

Android Data Usage Graph

One thing that is coming good in Android  which will not only save lot of battery life but also control on your Data Usage. Starting with Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android you can now set mobile data usage limit on your phone. Data Usage basically warns you of the carrier’s data usage limit which many have on their phone. So ...

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Video : iOS Skin for Android with Espier Launcher

iOS Like Launcher for Android

If you iPhone friends are pretty unhappy because you got an Android, then its time surprising them by using the Espier Launcher which will make them feel that you installed iOS over an Android Phone.  The Launcher recently caught my eyes when Sandip Pointed me to Android Advices Post which talked about this launcher. Below is the video demo followed ...

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Android apps to trace a Mobile Phone number in India

Trace a mobile phone number in India with free Android apps

There are times when we want to know that the number from which we just got a missed call or a text message belongs to which circle or which operator (cellular company), as long as the phone number is that of a landline phone, one can easily make out the location of the phone by looking at the STD code. ...

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Video Review : Facebook iPad App

Facebook App for iPad is finally out and if you have it installed you should see an update available. However it is possible that if you are out of United States, the app update might not be available in your iTunes App Store as of now. It happened with me and I had to use a different account to download it. Video ...

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Android apps for Commuters in Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro Map Free Android app to have a look at the complete map of Delhi Metro

Almost in no time Delhi Metro has become the lifeline of the people in Delhi and NCR region. And no doubt, Delhi Metro is one of those things of modern India which have made Indian proud of being a citizen of this country; at least I have felt it this way. Talking about the popularity of Delhi Metro, I am ...

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Video Review : Official Hotmail App for Android

Hotmail App Universal Inbox

Microsoft has done it again, Now we have an official Hotmail app for Android which is a great news for Windows Live Users who have always missed this like Windows Phone user miss for an Official App for Gmail on Windows Phone. I guess it might also come soon. Features of Hotmail App : Supports Multiple Accounts with Individual Inbox and Universal ...

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