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Google Maps Bubble Buttons

How to Video : Google Maps Voice / Ringtone Notification for Transit and Bubble...

How to video of Google Maps Bubble Button feature and Notification support for Ringtone and Voice so you don't miss a stop when listening to music.
Sync Manager Notification

Sync Android Phone over WiFi ( Includes Remote Browsing )

Android Sync Manager Wifi is an excellent Desktop Manager ( equivalent to BlackBerry, Nokia etc Desktop Manager ) which lets you sync data between your computer and phone over WiFi giving you ultimate freedom from wires. This application makes sure no other PC is able to connect to your phone by using a special PIN which you set on the Android App which is installed on your phone.

Android : Remote Ringer lets your family turn your phone ringer on In case...

Let your family turn your Android ringer on in case of emergency. Useful when you are meeting and have put your phone into Silent mode.
Pics Album Layout

Video : Pics lets you do better photo management on iPad / iPhone

Pics app for iOS devices lets you manage photos, videos easily. It lets you create private photo albums which can be password protected, upload and download files from iPad to Pc and vice versa. You will never use a wire again.
Pre Cache in Google Maps for Android

Video : Use Pre-Cache to access Google Maps offline on Android

Pre Cache map Area feature of Google Maps now allows you to store any part of the map as offline data on your mobile which cane be accessed even without data connection.
Windows Phone Pricing in INR

Windows Phone Marketplace available in India, Windows Mobile market place only via Phone.

Looks like Windows Phone Market Place is available in India as it is not redirecting it to the Windows Mobile Market any more when directly accessed. This happens when you are signed in and your profile location is set to India.
Wifi Syncr Profile Scanner

Wifi Sync Windows files/folder to your Android phone without need of extra software

Wifisyncr is a free android app which can sync files between PC and Android Phone without need of extra software to be installed on your computer. It works with Windows Network Sharing Protocol.
Lock Secure Apps Android

How to Lock or Secure Apps in Android Smartphone

List of apps which can safeguard your Android Apps from being accessed and getting uninstalled by using Face Recognition, Numerical Password etc. You can also unlock apps by sending SMS or recover it by getting an email to pre configured email address.
ScreenChomp Screen Recorder for iPad

Camtasia Like Screen Recorder for iPad to create Tutorials, Mind Maps etc

Screenchomp is a free iPad screen recording app which helps you create simple tutorials like say on Maths or Mind maps or use a background image and then let you draw on that. The best part is that it records sound also and produces videos in MP4 format. You do not need to Jailbreak your iPad to use this.
Android Power Panel

How to increase Android Phone Battery Life

Using combination of techniques it is possible to save a lot of android battery life which is either consumed by Apps or Display itself. IMO it is not necessary to buy apps all the time but it is more important to see how you use your android phone.
No Root Screenshot It Options

Take Screenshot of Android Phone ( Non Root ) without connecting to Windows or...

No Root Screenshot it allows you to take screenshot of Android Phone without rooting and connecting to your Windows, Mac Or Linux Machines.
Block Unwanted Calls

How to Block Phone Numbers / Unwanted Calls

Use combination of Apps, Online Services and Operator provided solution to block any unwanted calls from friends, unknown person or telemarketers.

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