ICS Mods for Nexus S / 4G You would love to have

Nexus S with On Screen Buttons

After the release of ICS Android 4.0 which comes with a beautiful UI which Android is trying to get unified, Devs have started tweaking that itself in bits and pieces. Been tracking them from sometime and here are few lovely ones you can try on. Before you jump the bull, make sure to backup your current ROM with whatever recovery ...

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Nokia Car Mode available now, Nokia N9 Support coming soon

Nokia Just announced availability of Car Mode App for Nokia Phones supporting Nokia Belle as of now but support is coming for Nokia N9 later.  For unknows, its an app which offers leading turn by turn navigation by connecting your card and phone together using the app over. So if you have compatible Phone and Car System ( infotainment system ) you can download it and ...

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Install Face Unlock on Nexus S / Nexus S 4G ( Mod )

Setting up Facelock on Nexus S

Due to the hardware requirement of Face unlock feature, which allows to unlock a phone looking at your face in Android ICS, Nexus S and Nexus S 4G did not get this along with the ICS update in the stock rom. However thanks to stars2 @ XDA Forum, there is a mod available now which can get you this feature right away. How to ...

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Voodoo LOUDER for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S 2 Released

Voodoo Louder

If you had been missing Voodoo sound on Galaxy Note and S2, @supercurio has a nice surprise for you with release of Voodoo LOUDER  for the devices. For the unknown, Voodoo Sound improves the quality of music and exploits sound chips extra abilities to get very high output volumes on the devices so you dont need those speakers. Voodoo Louder gives a  boost ...

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Video : My Xbox Live App for iPhone / iPad

Not sure how we missed it but was pretty happy to see that if even if you do not have a Windows Phone, you can still use Xbox Live Gamertag using the App which is optimized both for iPhone and iPad and works exactly the same as the Game App on the WP and its even more as it combines ...

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Touch Based Recovery for Android with ICS Theme ( Nexus S / Nexus S 4G )


If you have always hated pressing combination of Power Button and Volume up and down key when using recovery mode in Android, You need to try TWRP or Team Win Recovery Project which is completely touch based and can be installed using any of the recovery module you already have. It works with CWM which I had and installing TWRP worked. Also ...

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Video : Sync Facebook Contacts with Android People App / Contacts

HaxSync Added to Accounts

Android users has always missed one thing, a complete integration of Facebook with their contact something which Windows Phone People Hub but since Google and Facebook never agreed syncing was not possible at all. However with ICS new API called as INVITE_CONTACT, the  built-in People app can now connect a contact with its social profile. If you have Twitter installed you might ...

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Install ICS for Nexus S I9020T / I9023 ( OTA Flashable Roms )

Android ICS 4.0

After waiting for at least two days when I did not get any updated on Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich for my Nexus S, I finally moved to this forum thread of XDA Forum which lists down all the OTA Updates of Nexus S which came along with your handset. Very handy if you want to roll back to stage ...

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Lync for Android is Here and How is it compared to WP7 App

Looks like Microsoft has decided to make the most popular mobile  market Android and iOS both their playground by releasing  Microsoft Products based apps for them. Recent Releases of SkyDrive, Kinectimals for iOS, Microsoft has now released Lync app for Android Phones which was recently released for Windows Phone. For those who aren’t aware Lync is an Instant Messenger Service ...

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