Get notifications on floating Bubbles: Live Wallpaper for Android

Get notifications on Bubbles Live Wallpaper for Android free

If you have ever used an Android based smartphone, you might be aware of the notification area, and the notification which appear for almost everything like for a missed call, for a new SMS, any new emails, Twitter mentions etc. Generally an Android user keeps these notifications customized, that means the user decides for what things does one really want ...

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Android Market to get Google Plus Button

Google Plus Buttons in Android Market

Google Plus buttons will be soon available in Android Market, making it easy for users to push G+ button and cast their voting for it.However now we have two rating system and not sure how it will effect the market.

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Sync Android Phone over WiFi ( Includes Remote Browsing )

Sync Manager Notification

Android Sync Manager Wifi is an excellent Desktop Manager ( equivalent to BlackBerry, Nokia etc Desktop Manager ) which lets you sync data between your computer and phone over WiFi giving you ultimate freedom from wires. This application makes sure no other PC is able to connect to your phone by using a special PIN which you set on the Android App which is installed on your phone.

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