How to Lock or Secure Apps in Android Smartphone

Lock Secure Apps Android

List of apps which can safeguard your Android Apps from being accessed and getting uninstalled by using Face Recognition, Numerical Password etc. You can also unlock apps by sending SMS or recover it by getting an email to pre configured email address.

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How to increase Android Phone Battery Life

Android Power Panel

Using combination of techniques it is possible to save a lot of android battery life which is either consumed by Apps or Display itself. IMO it is not necessary to buy apps all the time but it is more important to see how you use your android phone.

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Apple makes it easy to ReDownload Purchased app on iPad and iPhone

Purchased Apps List on iPad

Caught in surprise but it seems App Store app on iPad have added another column called as Purchased which is in between Categories and Updates section. In fact this option is available for Books and Music As well. When you select this section you can see list of apps which you have bought from App Store. What is even more ...

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Video Review : Yahoo Messenger for iPad

Yahoo Messenger for iPad

Video review of Yahoo Messenger for iPad including feature demonstration and voice chat demo. Voice chat audio is very low and there is a problem when it comes to multiple signin between desktop and ipad version.

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Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.

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