Lava S12 ( Android ) Mobile Review

Lava S12 Review

We got the review unit around 2 weeks back and after using it around for 7 days and by 2 users we have mixed view of the handset but keeping in mind the price range and overall experience of the phone, we will recommend this phone to a particular set of users who are not very geeky and with regular ...

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Yahoo Launches JaxtrSMS Competitor : HUB : Messaging App for Android

Finally some update from Yahoo and it was surprising that it came for Android Devices with launch of a brand new app ( still in beta ) called as HUB which is a Messaging App bringing you that allows you to send text messages and have group conversations for free.  Though the idea is not new and very similar to WhatsApp or IM+ ...

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Google Releases Factory Images for Galaxy Nexus (GSM/HSPA+)

Galaxy Nexus

Users who keep flashing their Android Phone with custom builds but always would like to go back to Original Stock Android may be for a change or they did not like it had limited choice because finding the ASOP Images was tough but good news is that Google has officially released image along with the driver. This was posted by Binaries for Galaxy Nexus (GSM/HSPA+) ...

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Video : ICS Keyboard Ported for All Android Phones ( 2.2+)

ICS Keyboard for Android

If you haven’t tried out the ICS version on your Android,  You still have a chance to try out the ICS Keyboard which recently got ported forum the source and now is available in the Android Market as an App, just like any other Keyboard App. The App is still in beta and I see sometimes the predictions disappear and only way to get it back ...

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Steps to Install ICS on Nexus S / Nexus S 4G

Nexus S CWM Recovery Mode

Google has already released the source for Ice Cream Sandwich AKA Android 4.0 and developers have already started building their custom roms and porting them to existing devices before they actually come in. Now if you cannot wait for the official release to show up on your mobile, you can try the ported rom released byKwibo. Another word of caution that this is still ...

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Tunebox Streams music from Dropbox on iPhone / iPad

Tunebox Player

If you have planned to get the low storage iPhone or iPad and always worried that you will run out of space and the only choice is to keep only favorite music, then Tunebox has an awesome solution for you. This app allows you to stream music from your Dropbox Account over WiFi or 3G and lets you listen to your songs anywhere ...

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Re-Sign multiple APK files with Test or Private or Your Own Keys

Signare Sign APK Files

If you are an Android Developer with tons of APK files that needs to resigned again with different key or need to replace the test keys with your private keys, doing it with the developer tool can take a lot of effort and time both. AndyHarney @ XDA-Forums has developed a tool which allows you to batch sign such APK files ...

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Batch Rename those Poorly Named APK files to their Actual names

If you have third party Apps on your Android Phone which are not named nicely and when go to find  that app and all you see is garbage name for example a Photo App named as PH_1_0_2.apk, its time to make those nuts into sometime that makes sense. Primetechv2 @ XDA-Forums has created a Batch file which can rename them ...

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Change DNS on Android Phone for faster Internet & Market Access

Set DNS on Android

If Internet on your Android phone is slow and access to marketplace, downloading apps and opening attachment is taking lot of time, its time you update your DNS entry for your phone using the Set DNS app. It was recently reported that Android Market ( Even I experienced it a lot of time ) was very slow and primary reason ...

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Search files on Mac / PC from iPad / iPhone

Search PC on iPad

Streaming media files from my computer to iPad has always been the best way to watch movies on my iPad, specially when running out of storage space but if you want to get even more lazy, X1 Mobile Search has just built an app for that. X1 Mobile search app lets you search files on your computer (  PC or ...

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Video : Batch Install APK Files to Android Phone

In case you are running out of space and you need to delete some apps from your Android phone but you hesitate because you will need to download it again later and that means it will cost you bandwidth and time both, then you can now use Mass APK Installer to install apps on your computer to your Android Phone. How to ...

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Enable Multitasking Gestures in iPad 1 without JailBreak ( Windows )

JailBreak Option on Ressnow

Jailbreaking my iPad is something which I have never done but when Multitasking Gestures was rolled out to iPad 2 only, I was kind of disappointed and thought its time I do the jailbreak stuff but thanks to Lifehacker Post, it is possible to get the Jailbreak as well as Display Mirroring on your iPad One using a Redsnow ( Redsn0w ) Hack. ...

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