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Mobiles tips, tricks, themes and tools for mobiles which can increase productivity and make your mobile usage a lot better

“Sea Ray” ( Video ) Nokia’s First Windows Phone ( With Mango Update )

Video demo of First Nokia Windows Phone device, Sea Ray running Mango Update.
Purchased Apps List on iPad

Apple makes it easy to ReDownload Purchased app on iPad and iPhone

Caught in surprise but it seems App Store app on iPad have added another column called as Purchased which is in between Categories and Updates section. In fact this option is...
Yahoo Messenger for iPad

Video Review : Yahoo Messenger for iPad

Video review of Yahoo Messenger for iPad including feature demonstration and voice chat demo. Voice chat audio is very low and there is a problem when it comes to multiple signin between desktop and ipad version.
Dhingana Player for iPad

Dhingana iPad version is out

Dhingana App for iPad lets you listen to Latest Bollywood Songs for free with options to create and maintain a playlist.
OverTheAir Features

OverTheAir : Universal iPad app for Dropbox, Box.net and any WebDav Servers

OverTheAir app for iPad lets you access popular WebDav service at one place providing a Universal Inbox for popular services like Box.Net, Dropbox. Uses SSL so can be used with Enterprise Services also.
aNote Dashboard

Task + Notes apps to make iPad Productive

List of iPad Apps which bring strong integration between Notes Taking and Task Management. Some apps lets you add Maps while other use voice and images. Make your choice

Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.
Song Explorer Pro

Turn your iPad, iPhone into a Song Download Center

Lets say you have a song in your iPad or iPhone which you want to share with a friend who came in with a laptop.  The only possible way apple provides...
Display Device Detection in Windows

Turn your iPad into a secondry wireless monitor | DisplayLink

If you ever wished to turn your monitor into an extended display i.e. Secondary Monitor so you can move some applications or windows from your primary to here, such as videos,...
Buy iPad 2 In India

iPad 2 in India availble from 29th April 2011

Apple has made official announcement for iPad 2 for India. So if you are planning to buy get ready to get in line from Monday, April 29th 2011. The price list...
Double Twist

Universal iTunes for all the Mobiles and Smartphones : Double Twist

Every Mobile Manufacturer provides their own custom software which helps you transferring what you love most, music, videos and photos so if you want to share or just spend sometime watching...
Backup and Restore iPad

iPad Starter Guide for a Windows User ( Specially a First time Apple User...

My Brother in Law got a new iPad 2 and had sent across a couple of queries which I am answering through this post. Keeping in mind  that he uses Windows...

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