Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

In this post I am listing down Browser apps for iPad which bring desktop like experience on iPad. Like some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.

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Turn your iPad, iPhone into a Song Download Center

Song Explorer Pro

Lets say you have a song in your iPad or iPhone which you want to share with a friend who came in with a laptop.  The only possible way apple provides is using  iTunes which means either you need to install iTunes on your friends computer or turn on your laptop do that. So much of problem, So lets meet ...

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Turn your iPad into a secondry wireless monitor | DisplayLink

Display Device Detection in Windows

If you ever wished to turn your monitor into an extended display i.e. Secondary Monitor so you can move some applications or windows from your primary to here, such as videos, DisplayLink for iPad is an excellent option. To use this you do not need any cable or USB wire, just works over WiFi and can be used as Primary ...

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iPad 2 in India availble from 29th April 2011

Buy iPad 2 In India

Apple has made official announcement for iPad 2 for India. So if you are planning to buy get ready to get in line from Monday, April 29th 2011. The price list of iPad 2 is as follows  : 3G + WiFi Model : 16GB : 36.9K 32 Gb : 41.9K 64 Gb : 46.9K WiFi Only Model : 16GB – ...

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Universal iTunes for all the Mobiles and Smartphones : Double Twist

Double Twist

Every Mobile Manufacturer provides their own custom software which helps you transferring what you love most, music, videos and photos so if you want to share or just spend sometime watching it, you can do that.  Now consider couple of situations here : Situation One : Now imagine a family where everyone has a different choice, which means everyone needs ...

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List of Best News apps for Android seen so far [Mostly Free]

List of Best News apps for Android

The concept of accessing the news sources on the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and eBook readers is picking up at a very fast pace. There are several factors which are make this concept a hit, like the portability issue, now just to get updated on the news while traveling you no more need to carry that bundle of papers ...

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Multiple Countdown timer App for iPad – nTimer ( Free Today )

Multiple countdown timer for iPad

iPad doesnt have multiple alarm clock which is useful when you want to set up a series of alarm either to get up or get reminded about some work after sometime.  Though you can do it through Calendar events but that’s not very convenient when you do not want to mess up your calendar with you alarm schedule. nTime is ...

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Visually analyze the SD Card with free file manager for Android

Free File manager for Android with Visual representations

The storage space is one of the biggest issues faced by people these days, if said, there could never be enough storage space, probably the statement is the universal one, and the scenario worsens if there resides a download junkie in you. We keep looking for more storage space, there could be several ways to do so, sometimes it is ...

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