Bulk Upload comes to Dropbox for iOS

Dropbox Bulk Upload

If you have always hated uploading images to Dropbox for iOS ( iPhone / iPad ) because of file by file upload, Good news for all of us, Now you can upload multiple files using the bulk upload feature and now it comes with a dedicated tab for uploading files. How bulk upload / mass upload works in Dropbox for ...

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Video : How to Restart / Reset / Turn Off your Slow iPad

Reseting iPad

It so happened today on my iPad that any application I launched closed after a couple of seconds of running. It was happening with all iPad Games, Safari Browser and even the App Store. I had no idea what should I be doing as iPad doesn’t have a restart option somewhere in the iOS which I can use and what was strange ...

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Video Review : Gun Bros for iPad ( Game )

Gun Bros for iPad

Gun Bros for iPad is one of the most addictive action packed multiplayer online game where you flight aliens on different planets along with your friends.  Killing Aliens give you money which you need to buy even more powerful guns to complete 200 levels, 4 Planets and 7 more to come. I guess that defines almost everything in Gun Bros. ...

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Free Android Game: Combine numbers to get the specific sum

Free Android Game Combine numbers to get the specific sum

Math Maniac is a free Android Game, available for free, as the name says; playing this game involves some mathematics. Basically, the game involves of a board which has numbers on it, and then there is another number which appears on the left-bottom of this board, now all you need to do is tap a combination of numbers such that ...

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Free Android app to hide pictures and videos

Free Android app to Hide pictures and videos from your gallery

Friends and colleagues playing around with your phone is a very common scenario, and in this process it often happens that people end up getting an access to your personal photos or videos, here is a free Android app to help you out. ‘Vaulty Free Hides Pictures’ is the free Android app which can hide your photos in the password ...

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Video Review of Bing for iPad

Bing for iPad

Microsoft has released iPad version of their decision based search engine, Bing . Below is a video review of its features and few test I made using voice. Overall this is an awesome app and I will give Bing team 9 out of 10. A very well done job here. Key Features  of Bing for iPad Very easy to use Interface. ...

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GeoPedia finds Wikipedia entry even for a street (iPad / iPhone App)

Geopedia app for iPad

If you are trying to find information of a certain place on Wikipedia, GeoPedia App for iPad and iPhone is a handy app which can find it for you. This application uses Google Maps for location search and Wikipedia as database with capacity of finding a Wikipedia entry even to a street level, if its available.  In simple language, it ...

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How to make iTunes adopt to your iPad / iPhone Apps Layout

iPad Apps Layout

One of the biggest problem with syncing apps with iTunes is that it doesn’t accept your layout of your iPad or iPhone by default.  When you click on Sync Apps it warns that it will remove all the apps from your iPad and sync what is there in iTunes.  This is completely opposite, as  most of the time you download ...

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Amazon Kindle availble in India ( Pricing )

Kindle Pricing in India

If you are looking forward to buy Amazon Kindle in India, has the stock ready.  The price for Amazon Kindle in India are set as : Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ (Graphite)  :  Rs. 8950.00 Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi 6″ (White and Graphite)  : Rs. 11,850.00 It includes one year warranty from the manufacturer, 7 Days return protection and 10 days shipping. Order ...

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