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Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Cache files are created by almost any app running on almost all the platforms, right from your PC running a version Windows to the operating system of your mobile, to keep...
Free Android app get light like torch or flashlight, mimic police light, electric bulb light, a warning light

Free Flashlight app for Android, also has Police Lights and Warning Lights

We often use our mobile phones as a light source in darkness; this is often required in case of power failure. Here is a free Android app; ‘Tiny Flashlight + LED’...
Android app to read world's most popular full-content newspapers

Android app to read world’s most popular full-content newspapers

If you are news freak, and have that habit of reading the newspaper, here is a nice app for your Android device which can help you to preserve this passion. PressReader...
Traffic Master Game

Manage traffic on your iPad : Traffic master ( Free Now )

Traffic master turns you into a traffic controller of major cities like New York, Springfield, Miami.This game basically gets you on a crossing where lot of cars, trucks etc pass on....
Imate Home Screen

iMate keeps both iTunes and iPad / iPhone / iPod in Sync

iTunes though is an excellent interface to manage things but it comes with lot of issues when it comes to syncing and transferring.  The worst part is that its time-consuming.  If...
Transfer files, Backup and Restore almost everything on your Phone [Android]

Transfer, Backup & Restore almost everything on your Android Phone

Wondershare MobileGo is a free application, which can be used to perform transfer of files to your phone from PC and vice versa. It also can Backup contacts, SMS, Applications, etc....
One Tap Launch Amazon MP3

Add to Home Screen : One tap launch to play Amazon MP3 on iOS

Amazon Cloud Player doesn't support playing songs on iOS device but you can download and listen them in Safari inbuilt player.  We know it's not a solution but here is something...
BlackBerry PlayBook Bridge Guide

File Sharing, Internet Tethering coming to PlayBook

As Playbook gets ready to launch, more information of various features and unanswered questions are coming out. Berryreview posted an image which shows a screen, hopefully of Desktop Manager, listing many...
Free Multi-Client Instant Messenger app for Android – imo beta in action

Free Multi-Client Instant Messenger app for Android – imo beta

imo beta is a Free app for Android devices, which actually is a Multi-client Instant Messenger. Using imo beta, you can login to your Facebook, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AOL/AIM, Yahoo,...
Media Transfer iPad FTP Settings

Wireless transfer photos / videos from iPad / iPhone to PC / Mac

Getting your photos and albums saved on your iPad or iPhone to your computer without connecting the  boring USB cable sounds very exciting and this is exactly Media Transfer app for...
Browsing each album

Browse & Download iPad photos to computer over WiFi

Transferring images in iPad without connecting with USB and over Wi-Fi is something which many iPad users would love it. This feature might get introduced in iOS 5 but till then...
Use Facebook Photos as your Live Wallpaper [Free Android app]

Use Facebook Photos as your Live Wallpaper [Free Android app]

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper for Android Phones and Tablets lets you choose photos from your Facebook account or photos from Facebook as your live Wallpaper. It can also pickup wallpaper in your Photo gallery...

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