Nokia to Launch 40 New Phones : Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon ?

According to HT, Nokia will launching 40 new models in 2011 of which 12 will be Smart phones. This has been told to HT by a Nokia Executive who is close to development. Now assuming this is going to happen, can we expect a Windows Phone 7 ? After the recent tie up between Nokia and Microsoft and promise to ...

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Planning to install a Pirated Android App? Get ready for embarrassment

Fake Android app to embarrass Pirates sends an SMS telling every contact in your phone book about your attempt to steal

If you are an Android user, and prefer using Pirated versions of Paid apps, beware!! Here is something which can embarrass you much. There is this popular paid app known as Walk and Text, which is a convenient way of texting while you are walking, this app actually turns on your camera, so that you can walk easily without taking ...

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Trubleshooting the failed WP7 Update : WP7 Support Tool

Windows Phone Update Recovery

If the Windows Phone 7 Update is failing for you every time you tried,  Microsoft Support teams has released a Windows  Phone Support tool which will help you resolve some possible issues. As of now the tool helps you in resolving two issues : 800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do. 80180080: We couldn’t update ...

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iPad to get Virtual Desktop Like feature

Apple Virtual Desktop for iPad

I remember discussing features of iPad with few friends and concept of Virtual Desktop or multiple screen was an interesting idea and Apple has filed a patent for that, as Patently Apple Reports. Looking at it, the first impression Set of  Tiles having live preview of the apps running This should act more as another screen on top of other which can ...

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Google Reader on iPad : RssAnywhere ( Free Today )

Google Reader on iPad

RssAnywhere is a Google Reader app for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod, which not only lets you read the all the feeds in your google account but also lets you manage them which includes search feeds by keyword. The best part is it downloads the feed items for offline reading. It completely syncs your read articles with your Google ...

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Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Free Android app to clear all cache files in one tap

Cache files are created by almost any app running on almost all the platforms, right from your PC running a version Windows to the operating system of your mobile, to keep it simple, we can say that these files work as an intermediate resource. When you run an app on your device, it keeps saving some files in the storage ...

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Android app to read world’s most popular full-content newspapers

Android app to read world's most popular full-content newspapers

If you are news freak, and have that habit of reading the newspaper, here is a nice app for your Android device which can help you to preserve this passion. PressReader is an Android app which can deliver you the World’s best newspaper on your device. Like The Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, International Herald Tribune, ...

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Manage traffic on your iPad : Traffic master ( Free Now )

Traffic Master Game

Traffic master turns you into a traffic controller of major cities like New York, Springfield, Miami.This game basically gets you on a crossing where lot of cars, trucks etc pass on. You need to make every pass through safely without accidents by either stooping them or accelerating them. This game is free for next two days so make sure you ...

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iMate keeps both iTunes and iPad / iPhone / iPod in Sync

Imate Home Screen

iTunes though is an excellent interface to manage things but it comes with lot of issues when it comes to syncing and transferring.  The worst part is that its time-consuming.  If you are like me looking for a simple and quick solution, iMate is an excellent solution. iMate is a Backup / transfer solution from Wondershare which does three things ...

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Transfer, Backup & Restore almost everything on your Android Phone

Transfer files, Backup and Restore almost everything on your Phone [Android]

Wondershare MobileGo is a free application, which can be used to perform transfer of files to your phone from PC and vice versa. It also can Backup contacts, SMS, Applications, etc. on your PC and later; you can Restore it to your phone from PC at any point of time. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful Phone ...

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