Sprint ID comes to Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Looks like Sprint is on the roll getting one feature after another. Yesterday they announced One Click Google Voice Integration with Sprint Connections which doesn’t need an app and now Sprint ID, compare it like TV packs given by DHT’s, for Samsung Galaxy Tab and  Samsung Epic 4G. If you do not know what is Sprint ID check it out ...

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Sprint brings one click integration with Google Voice

Gogole Voice and Sprint

Sprint, US Telecom, and Google has introduced Google Voice Service integration which is not just more than a click. It’s easy. If you are an existing customer of signing up with them all you need is to ,  Accept that you want to use Google Voice with existing number and follow the instructions. Google Voice on your Sprint ...

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Google TV remote app for iPhone / iPad is here

Google TV Remote for iDevices

Google TV has officially launched an iOS app for iPhone, which works on iPad also, to remote control Google TV right.  The best part of this app is you can make search using voice and has back lights best suited when used at night. Another Geeky thing is and if you have multiple iphone or iPad each of them can ...

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Free Download PayPal app for Nokia Symbian mobiles

PayPal app for Nokia Phones

PayPal App for Nokia Symbian users is available on OVI Stores now but only for selected countries ( I do not see it for India  ) . Using this app Nokia users can send money to your friends, manage your account and more with the PayPal app. This app follows the same security standards as any other app of PayPal. ...

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Turn iPhone / iPad into a secret voice recorder

DropVox recoding and upload to dropbox

If you had always though of secretly recording conversations with somebody so you can use it as evidence when required, iPhone / iPad users are lucky to have dropvox. This application is capable of recording while it is running in background and upload it to a Dropbox account quietly. Yes nobody will know anything about it. All you will need ...

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Ditch Safari on iPad for Google Mobile App

Google Desktop Search in iOS App

Google Apps for iPad in its recent updated changed from just being an app to a complete ( almost ) browser with added benefit to search with your voice, using your Google account and use Google Search  with auto complete  like you do on your desktop. Now when I compare this with safari, Google Mobile app Search  with voice and ...

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Lending iPad to your Kid ? Secure it first

Geeky Anant

Having an iPad at home is fun for everybody right from grandparents to kids because iPad is not just for productivity but can be Gaming device for Kids, Movie time for you and video chat for your parents. So the point is everybody can use it and when that happens the iPad is bit vulnerable as anybody who is smart ...

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No iMovie doesn’t get installed on iPad 1 ( Original iPad )

iMovie on iPad One

As iMovie, the movie editing app for iPad 2, makes use of front facing camera it is not allowed to be installed on iPad 1. This is restriction from apple you will get the same error message when you try to purchase it from App Store from iPad.  However Download Squad, 9to5Mac and few more has got it working but  ...

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How to disable In-App purchases in your iPad / iPhone

Starting from iOS 4.3 when you make your first in-app purchase it will ask you for a password and any further purchase for next 15 minutes will not require you to enter password any more. So the only way to make sure your kid is not taking advantage of the 15 minutes frame is that you need to sign out ...

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How to setup Home Sharing feature of iOS 4.3 on iPad, iPhone and iPod

iPod Album Selection

Apple with iOS 4.3 introduced Home Sharing feature with ability of sharing music, movies, photos and any other media  from your computer to your iPad, iPhone and iPod. This straight away means anybody at your home with an iDevice now can watch the movie in your iTunes without syncing.  This feature was before available through the remote app of Apple. ...

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