Instantly convert your photos to sketch with free Android app

Free Android App to Convert Photos to Sketch Manav and Anusha Mishra

Converting photos to sketch is something we all like; at times even a simple looking photo becomes a masterpiece when converted to sketch. Here is an app for Android devices, named as Sketch Me. It’s an awesome app for converting photos to sketch, it instantly does it, and is damn simple to use. Once you have installed Sketch Me on ...

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Download Free Periodic Table App for iPad

Periodic Table for iPad Group

If you are looking for free Periodic Table for your iPad which provides you the basic information but not too less, Periodic Table for Elements in iTunes is what you should go for. This application displays all the elements of periodic table which can be grouped according to Periodic Number Periodic Group. Metal E.N. Radioactive Elements Melting and Boiling Points ...

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Free Dictionary apps for Android [Compared and Tested]

Free dictionary app for Android

If you are one of those people who keep on referring to the dictionary, instead of guessing the meaning of unknown words or somehow you are interested in making your vocabulary richer by finding out the exact meaning of every word you encounter on daily basis, you will definitely like to have some dictionary app on your Android mobile device ...

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HD Wallpaper App brings high resolution wallpaper to iPad

Preview of Lock screen and Home Background

HD Wallpaper is a free iPad App which not only gets you high-resolution wallpaper for free but also makes it easy to preview how it will look on your home screen and when you choose the wallpaper for lock screen.  This application collects iPad wallpaper from different sources and displays on your iPad. It also gives you an option to ...

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How to import Outlook Email Settings into iPad

Sync Mail Accounts from Outlook to iPad

iPad when it comes to Windows has a good support at least for Office Outlook. So if you have already mail accounts configured in your Outlook and now want to have the same mail accounts into your iPad also, iTunes has just a very easy way to do it. Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. I am ...

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How to make calls when your BlackBerry is password locked

BB allow outgoing calls when locked

Blackberry Mobiles come along with a password protection feature which allows you to completely lockdown your mobile to safeguard from unauthorized installations and prevent users from getting into your personal area. Now though its good but there is a bit of problem with it, In case of emergency you need to unlock to make call and in case you can’t ...

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World Atlas HD for iPad beats the traditional maps anytime

Indian Satellite Map on World Atlas HD

As a kid I used to play games on Atlas such as finding a place on any country and it was the biggest productive time pass specially when we had nothing to do. This not only helped me learn which places are where in any country but also helped me score in the Maps exam in Tenth. Fast forward 20 ...

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Free Download Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins

WP7 Skins

Customization of look and feel rules and its time for Windows Phone 7 users to download some  Free Windows Phone 7 Themes and Skins for Windows Phone. Remember this works on Windows Mobile Phone and Not on WP7 Phones. To start with, XDA Develeoper Trekfan422991, has released a fresh new set Skins iContact and iDialer for Windows Phone 7 which ...

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How to cancel / delete downloading Podcasts / Videos in iPad

iPad Podcast Cancel Download

Last night I started a huge amount podcast download on my iPad and when I found them too big there was no direct way I can found to cancel it. I tried tapping, double tapping, used the menu button but nothing worked to cancel the podcast I was downloading.When I turned off the WiFi it kept saying that it needs ...

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Download Free BlackBerry Chat for Facebook App

Facebook Chat on BlackBerry

Chat For Facebook, one of the most popular Blackberry app and is now free if chatting with Facebook friends if that is what you had missed till now. Chat For Facebook brings the minimal interface required for chatting unlike the traditional conversation box, so you can still see the chat in proper timeline but to send you need to open ...

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How to block SMS, Email, MMS, PIN, BIS and Enterprise email in BlackBerry

How to use BlackBerry Firewall

Blackberry has this amazing security feature, Firewall, which let’s you block Email,PIN,BIS and Enterprise email in BlackBerry from one contact or set of specific contacts which is completely configure. Now before you start using it you should know that all these blocks can be made only if you use the Blackberry Email and Contact System and not any third party ...

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Save ball from getting crushed : Fall Ball

FallBall Game for BlackBerry

Fall Ball is a free blackberry game where all you need to do save a ball by bringing it down though a pass on each floor. The pass is distributed randomly and the levels don’t end unless you loose the ball. This game works both on touch based screen where it can tilt or using trackball. The game response is ...

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