How to take screenshot in iPad and turn it off completely

Screenshot of iPad

This was of the first thing I looked upon after buying and what came out to be surprising is you don’t need any software to do this. All you need is press the button on top ( which is On/Off Sleep/Wake button ) and menu button together and a screenshot of the entire screen will be saved in the Photo ...

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Free Doodle App for iPad / iPhone : Kids will love them

Yesterday as soon as I got my iPad out, My son was on it. He loved the response of the touch he was getting at no phone at home now. So to take his experience one step ahead I found this free app, Doodle Buddy which works for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app is pretty simple and straight. ...

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Which Windows Phone 7 Should I buy ?

HTC HD 7 vs Dell Venue Pro

Windows Phone 7 was officially launched on October 11 which are ready on sale on 9 different devices of which 2 are from LG, 4 from HTC, 2 from Samsung and one is from Dell. Now with so many devices its very obvious that you are already confused which device to choose. Though it totally depends on your need but ...

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Order Takeaway food from your iPhone [Australia only]

Search for food options to order your takeaway parcel on your iphone ipad ipod touch

‘itakeaway’ is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app, which is Free to download, and all it does is allows you to order your takeaway food parcel right from your phone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just imagine, that for some reason there won’t be a dinner ready, waiting for you at your dining table when you will reach home today ...

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Download Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone and Nokia

Windows Phone 7 Theme Nokia

Windows Phone has its own advantages when it comes to look and feel. Live Tiles, Metro Style, Personalized Facebook and Twitter experience and so much more. If you happen to have an iPhone or a Nokia Symbian Phones, the developers at Devian Art have you covered. Below are two themes which are basically shells or launcher which brings you very close to Windows ...

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Get Train Schedules, Nearest Station, Buy Tickets on your iPhone [UK only]

Free iPhone ipad and ipod touch app for trains in UK choose a station, which is UK’s leading independent train ticket retailer, also has an app for iPhone, named as TheTrainline, which also works on iPod Touch and iPad. This is how the app page describes the app – “This is the official app from the trainline and is perfect for anyone who needs to access timetables and plan rail travel. You can ...

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iPhone app locates the nearest doctor, clinic or hospital

Free iphone iPad and iPod Touch app locates and plots on map the location of nearest doctor or hospital

DocGPS By UnitedHealth Group is a Free app for iPhone, also works on iPad and iPod Touch, which can be used to locate a Doctor, Clinic or a Hospital within a specified radius using your iPhone’s GPS. This app also allows you to search by specialty (e.g. Dermatologist, Dentist, Cardiologist, etc.), facility or simply on the state or city basis. ...

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Free iPhone app converts Voicemail messages to text

Yap Voicemail converts Voice messages to text

Yap Voicemail is a free app for iPhone, and what is does is, it can convert your Voice messages to text, and as soon as the voice messages are converted to text, the message becomes readable and easier to search and forward. The app works on Yap’s speech recognition platform. The feature list for the Yap Voicemail, as seen on ...

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Make your iPhone and iPod icons Glow [Free App]

Glow the iPhone and iPod icons to personalize

Personalization is something we often fall for, let it be your PC, phone or any other gadget, here is an app which can help you to personalize your iPhone and iPod Touch. What is does is, allows you to make your iPhone and iPod Touch icons glow. Wondering what it actually looks like? Have a look at the snapshot below. ...

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Misplaced your Phone? Ring it – Recover it

Ring your Phone for free to find your misplaced phone

Misplacing your cell-phone is a very common scenario, probably all of us have misplaced our phone at some point of time, and there are people who do this almost every day, isn’t it? Well, not to worry, here is something which can help you with this. is a free service which helps you to recover your lost phone. All ...

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PicDial makes your phone more social

Pic Dial Picture Contact List

PicDial is a mobile application which when connected with Facebook or MySpace makes your contact list more lively by bringing status updates and pictures from their social profile into your phonebook. This not only keeps you updated with social status but also lets you plan well before calling the person. Main Features: CallerID Photos for the Facebook® and MySpace® generation. ...

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