Shopper : Your Shopping list on Blackberry

Mobiles go with you everywhere, right from work to sleep so when going for shopping why carry your list on paper ? Shopper is a free Blackberry app which let’s you create and manage your shopping list. Though you might argue that we can always use the notes and memo feature but there you don’t option to organize into various ...

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Guide to make Conference Calls on your BlackBerry

Drop Split Calls Bb Conference

BlackBerry like most of the other smartphones comes with Conference feature which lets you and other people to talk to each other like you are doing it face to face.  Recently a tip on conference was posted by Brian @ BlackBerry Help Twitter Account and I thought of taking a plunge into it. How to start a conference ? Lets ...

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HP ePrint : Mobile Printing Solution for BlackBerry

HP ePrint Configuration

HP has introduced a unique solution which helps you in getting a printed copy of your email, attachments, photos directly from your mobile phone. This takes of the pain of transferring first to a computer device to sending first to your office and then run to grab the print out. HP ePrint is a cloud based service which makes it ...

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Most popular Media Player VLC comes to iPad [Free Download]

Most popular Media Player VLC comes to iPad

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players; the ability of VLC Media Player to play most multimedia files and various streaming protocols is probably the most important reason behind this popularity. VLC is now available for iPad. Here is a snapshot of the VLC Media Player on iPad. VLC comes built-in with all the required codecs, ...

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BMW Dashoard gets BlackBerry Connectivity

Though I have never liked an idea of taking a call while driving or even reading an email but looks like BMW cars are coming with integration with BlackBerry to read emails, sms and even make a call right from your car when a number is embedded in your mail or sms. Dont worry you dont have take your eyes ...

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Replace a celebrity face with yours, get hillarious mashups

Free iPhone iPod Touch and iPad app to place your face on a celebrity pic

Celebrity Mashup from Replace your Face is a Free iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app, which can be downloaded to create some damn hilarious photos. What is actually does is it allows you to replace a face on a Celebrity pic, from your own i.e. you can put your face on a celebrity pic and remove the actual face from ...

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What You do next after a call on your BlackBerry ?

After Call on Phone Numbers

So after you make or receive a call  what you do next ? Tuck in the paper on which you noted details while on call or take a paper and write down the call information or even save it on your desktop on notes section. The details can be a meeting call next week or important instructions given or a ...

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How to remote connect Windows computer from iPad

Windows on iPad

If you have been dying to connect to your Windows computer from your iPad because you are so much into windows application, Splashtop Remote makes it possible. This application lets you remote connect and you can use your Windows 7 or Vista or XP like you do from any normal computer. You can even watch flash on your iPad, videos, ...

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Free iPad app to remix songs like a Professional DJ

GrooveMaker Free iPad app to create awesome remix

GrooveMaker Free is an iPad app which can help you take out the DJ in you. It allows you to remix the songs to create non-stop, dance and hip-hop tracks in real-time. It is damn easy to learn to create awesome musicals using GrooveMaker Free by automatically remixing the hundreds of loops included on the 8 available tracks. It enables ...

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Which Media Types your BlackBerry Supports

BB Media Handbook

When trying to view a video or play an audio on your mobile device, if you were not able to run it, there are possibly two reasons for it. First the file itself is corrupted or your BlackBerry Phone doesn’t support that format of the file. This becomes a problem because you do not know this while transferring files directly ...

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Free Workout Tracker App for BlackBerry

Warkout Tracker Menu

Workout, Music and Mobiles have become a dominant combination for many people who seek to keep their health up. Though there is a good debate on New York Times that music is a distraction but having an app which can track your Workout will not. I usually take my BlackBerry in morning walk and use a BlackBerry App, Workout Tracker ...

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Grab DropBox for BlackBerry Beta Invite

Dropbox for BlackBerry

DropBox for BlackBerry is still in beta but they have opened another 1000 Invites which you can grab from here. I was lucky enough to get the invite , but then installation failed at first, then it gave me an authorization expire error but finally when I made an exit and restart, it worked. At first glance it’s awesome. The ...

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