Blackberry App to access the LA Public Library on the go

This app is specifically for Los Angeles Public Library and using a BlackBerry. Features All searches made are real time and as you type. If you have an account, You can place holds,renew book. You will have to once configure your credentials and home library for this. You can also search for photos in library with the photo collection tool. ...

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Take Multiple pictures in a row with your BlackBerry Camera

If you have used a camera even for sometime you know how tough it is to get the best moment to capture and specially if it comes after you just made a click. Peek-A-Boo is a BlackBerry app which let’s you take 4 pictures in-a-row without you worrying about clicking again. The snaps are taken with a delay of almost ...

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BlackBerry App (phone book) to search in Switzerland

Local search result switzerland, which is a regional search engine for Switzerland has now a Blackberry app which can find private and business phone numbers and addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. If you have location service enabled on your phone, the application identifies your location and allows you to search in your immediate surroundings. Overall features Search for private persons Search for businesses ...

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First Windows Phone 7 Ad goes live ( And yes its on YouTube )

Neowin picked up the first video of Windows Phone 7  Advertisement on YouTube which many people are expecting to see if it can fix the damage what Windows Mobile did before. The Phone displays just one message : The Revolution is Coming, and I hope that it does because with rumors that billions of dollars will be spent on the ...

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Track your BlackBerry data, voice and sms usage to get early warning

Telicost is a simple blackberry application which helps you in tracking your mobile usage so you can match it against your bill to verify it. To start with it lets you create data plans for yourself which you should do it according to your actual data plan. The factors taken care when creating data plan are: #1 Billing Interval and ...

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Handy Translator app for Blackberry

Navita Translator is an excellent translator app for Blackberry which integrates well with the system. At anytime you can select words, phrases from e-mails, Browser, SMS or typing in the software and translate in any of 50 languages plus. You can also send translations to: Twitter, Mail, SMS, PIN, MEMO. The application is completely free except for an ad which ...

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How many days left for an event : BlackBerry App

Twinkle is a simple event reminder app which displays event based on how many days left. This makes a lot of sense as our mind works on how many days you have to finish of a work rather than on what day it is. Ultimately we back calculate for number of days. It also supports different colour if you prefer ...

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Android hardware comparison chart

Android Hardware Chart

Which android device to buy ? This is the first question you might just think when you plan for it and if you are worried more about the hardware part and want to see a comparison chart, Portable Electronics Limited at has a spreadsheet up for you. There is a dedicated section for android mobile devices which is released ...

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Test Internet Speed on your iPhone : SpeedTest App

iPhone SpeedTest

SpeedTest, one of the popular tool to check how much speed is given by our ISP, now also has an iPhone app to find out how much internet speed you are getting on your mobile phone. This app is absolutely free and gives details on upload and download speed which is displayed for each network you connect to. So if ...

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