How to fix when BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection

In the last post we talked about How to fix delay in receiving mails on Blackberry. Th second issue which was faced by my friend was Problem : BlackBerry cannot make a cellular connection The Possible causes and solutions are #1 Your BlackBerry does not have sufficient Power Check the battery charge level as shown by the battery icon on ...

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Better Multi Alarm App for Symbian 60 Phones


Tired of alarm feature that comes along with your phone which just beeps once and irritates you with snooze feature ? I know you are even tired of enabling alarm every single day right!! Your Alarms is a mufti alarm applications designed mainly for OS 9.1 S60 devices / smartphones/ mobiles/ cellphones . If you had been wishing for phone ...

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How to add Flickr to Nokia Symbian Phones with no Flick Apps

The N Series Nokia Phones which are Symbian OS based is capable of installing a software which allows you to post photographs to your Flickr Account. You just need to install a software or specifically a configuration file. Download the software from this link Upload it to your phone through Bluetooth . The file will turn up in your messaging ...

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How to sync Gmail Calendar with your Smartphone Mobile Calendar

Gcalsync is an open source software application that can synchronize your Google Calendar with your mobile phone inbuilt calendar. It lets you do a two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and your phone’s built-in calendar. You can download events to your phone, or add an event on your phone and it will sync with Google Calendar.

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How to create e-books for Smartphones and Mobile

Mobipocket creator allows you to create e-books for your smart phonesor mobile  like Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian Os, Blackberry and others. This way you will be able to create a library of e-book with content of your choice which can be taken from any text file, image , xml file or an image file. You will need Mobipocket reader ...

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How to send free sms using Gaim Client using Linux

Chikka Messenger

This is a small trick for Linux users if you want to send an sms from your pc for free.This will be applicable for Linux users.You will need a GAIM Internet messenger, Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library and Indiatimes chika account.These are the things you need to download first. GAIM Internet messenger Chix Gaim Plugin and libchix library An ...

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Your Nokia BL-5C Batteries Could be dangerous

Nokia has released a warning globally that There had been some manufacturing defect in 46 Million Batteries of series BL-5C. Around 100 reports of battery explosion have been reported while charging of the cell phone containing the same series. Even I had the same series and luckily is not among the defective piece. The reported series of cell phone are ...

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How to create Sony Ericsson themes ?

Sony Ericsson Theme Preview

Phone Themes are one of the most exciting things through which you can change the look and feel and enjoy your phone also. In this article we will discuss on How to create personalized Sony Ericsson themes. So, If you are using a Sony Ericsson phone and ever wanted to design a theme with your choice of images and styles, ...

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Create and Download Nokia Themes

Create Download Nokia Themes

After getting the Nokia N72 phone, I was curious to put some themes to make it looks better than the default theme. Though the default theme is pretty good, I want some different themes and more customized ones. My search resulted in finding this site OwnSkin, which allows registered users to download or make their themes. It’s an online theme ...

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