How to get your bricked BlackBerry live again

BB OS Update

If you are kind of use who loves to hacked or leaked version or taking one step head try installing stuff which might just brick your BlackBerry, RIM has complete set of instructions online to bring it back. What you need : Internet Connection. BlackBerry Desktop manager. And a USB connector. One this is set just follow the instructions for ...

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How to delete your BlackBerry ID without Password

BB App Word ID

BlackBerry Id is the new feature which is compulsory if you want to install any update or application using the BlackBerry App World 2.0.  While creating you are asked to set for a secret question also. However if you forget both password and answer to secret question, there is no way to get your account back. This also means that ...

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Free App to Block Calls on your BlackBerry

Mr Block Number

If you are tired of phone calls who either call you to irritate you or spam you with sales, Mr Number Call Block can help you block all of them. With this app you can either block one number or complete area code and the world ( I would rather turn off Mobile Service then ) and lets some contacts ...

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Take control of your BlackBerry Backlight

BB Light

To save battery power, every mobile has timeout set for turning off the backlight. Though there are options to change it but if you need lot of customization BBLight for BlackBerry Mobiles is one application that comes handy. The best use of this application is when you keep your profile to phone calls only, because in this case the only ...

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Dictate to type an email or update on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry

Dragon Dictate Free iPhone app to Dictate emails

Whatever be the size and layout of the keyboard on your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry, it can never be compared to the ease of use as experienced on a laptop or desktop. If you agree to this, here is something you were looking for, Dragon Dictation for iPhone and iPad, and Dragon for E-mail for BlackBerry. Both provide almost same ...

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Seesmic Twitter client gets Ringtone alerts

Seesmic Ringtone Alert

If I am not wrong then Seesmic is the first BlackBerry Twitter Client to add support for Ringtones depending on your account and what kind of message you receive on twitter. For example on BlackBerry there is already a common tone used when messenger services like yahoo or blackberry messenger gets a new message. Awesome now I know if I ...

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How to setup Wi-Fi music sync BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone

BB Wifi Music Sync

Wi-Fi Music Sync is a new feature that comes along with BlackBerry OS 6 and Can be used via BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0.  BlackBerry 6 OS is available now in BlackBerry Torch 9800, the new smart phone from BlackBerry which has both power of touch and keyboard. Follow the steps below to configure Wi-Fi Music Sync in BlackBerry Torch 9800 ...

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Enjoy Xvid Movies on your iPad with Free CineXPlayer

CineXPlayer allows you to Watch Xvid Movies on your iPad

Have you ever realized that you can’t watch the movies and videos in Xvid format on your iPad, this might come as a heart break to several iPad fans, but not to worry, the solution too has arrived – CineXPlayer. CineXPlayer is an iPad app (comes for Free) and this is all you will need to enjoy the Xvid Movies ...

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Inside BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

BB Desktop Dashboard

BlackBerry Recently released 6.0 version of its Desktop Software which one first look is sleek, beautiful and looks like recreated from scratch.  Though this version is majorly to support the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS which is also supported for the brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Curve which has new 3G coming along ( I am going to miss it ...

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Auto Install Flash ( Frash ) online on iPhone 4, 3Gs and iPad

Ok here is an easy way to install Flash or Frash on your iPhone and iPad. This is too damn easy than using the manual process. This works only on Jailbreak Devices so if you dont have one either you Jailbreak or Flash will never come to iDevices for sure. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources Edit source and add ...

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Free and Fast PDF and Comic reader app for iPad

Accessing the Library with free Comic and PDF reader app for iPad Bookman

‘Bookman’ is a free iPad app, which allows you to enjoy reading PDF files and Comics on your iPad. You can easily read PDF files, and supports the popular CBR/RAR comic archive formats. Here is the feature list for Bookman – Fast rendering engine with smart loading system. Supports large PDF over 100MB. Supports the popular CBR/RAR/CBZ/ZIP comic archive formats. ...

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