Kisses to detect and remove Spyware on your BlackBerry

Kisses detects a Spyware on your BlackBerry

Spyware is a very common issue in case of smartphones, there are several free and paid programs available to detect and secure your smartphones against Spywares. Here is a BlackBerry app known as ‘Kisses’. ‘Kisses’ helps you by detecting and revealing the Spyware programs installed on your BlackBerry, and later helps you to remove this programs safely. Also it helps ...

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Why BlackBerry (RIM) cannot give backdoor access ( Technically) ?

BlackBerry 6

There is no BackDoor actually. According to post on TOI RIM officials have said that there is NO backdoor key which RIM holds to give clear see through of data passing through BlackBerry services. BlackBerry Security Architecture is such that the users alone create their own key which I guess should be the reason of the BlackBerry PIN, a unique key ...

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How to send links from desktop to your Android Phone

Send links to Andrioid Phone

Some websites require you to browse them through your Mobile device to get the complete experience. Send to Phone and Chrome to Phone are two extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers which helps you in doing so. Both of theses extension can be used to share links of YouTube, Maps or any other website using the Android’s Cloud to Device Messaging service. ...

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Download Fail App for BlackBerry

BB Fail App

Well I am not talking about any failing app but the Famous Fail Blog has released a BlackBerry App which gets you the latest images they make and also from Engrish, Lolcats, Loldogs, Celebs, and Comix, their complete network. The best part of this app is that it will preload the image in background so you have a smoother experience.   Download From ...

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Find the actual signal strength of BlackBerry In Numbers

BB Signal Bars

Ever wondered what those signal bars will look like when converted to numbers ? I know you wont like to see numbers because they give you a feeling not as good as bars which are more averaged but honestly they are the real strength of your BlackBerry Phone. Here is a quick tips posted by BlackBerry India : Hold down ...

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How to stop BlackBerry from auomatically downloading entire email

BB Auto More

In BlackBerry every time you check an email, it starts downloading the complete message and it keeps on the more you scroll. This happens because of the Auto More feature of the BlackBerry which makes Blackberry start downloading as soon as you open the email. However downloading the complete email might not be your need every time and you would look for an option ...

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Talking Pet Cat on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Talking Tom Cat for your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

Tom is the name of the cat, which can become your Pet on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (microphone is required in case of iPod Touch). To get this Cat, Tom on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to get the free app named as Talking Tom Cat. ( May be you can share your LOLCat jokes ...

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Track Formula 1 races live on your phone

Formula1 Race Tracker

The heat on Formula 1 Races are on and if you are missing all those matches of the Grand Prix, The Formula 1 team have apps for every phone right from BlackBerry to iPhone. Features of Formula 1 Race tracker : Create a Formula 1Account right from there. Live Timing, Races and Standings. Race timings including the practice sessions, qualifying and ...

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Keep track of Weather on your BlackBerry / iPhone

BB Weather Network

Moving from one city to another and want to stay updated of weather conditions there ? The Weather Network app ( Weather EYE ) for blackberry / iPhone  is a good solution which can get your long-term, short-term and warning weather forcast.Also in case you tour a lot, you can add multiple cities ( up to 10 ) and switch between them ...

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Download Hangman for BlackBerry

Hangman on BlackBerry

Love playing hangman on your favorite video game or may be just on paper with friends ? Now you can do it on your BlackBerry absolutely free if you don’t mind bit of advertisement on the top. I played for sometime and did not find them distracting at all. If you are in the game you might not just even notice it.  ...

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Auto Tweet what you listen on BlackBerry

BB Music Tweet Player

Tweeting what you are listening to is one of the passion many twitter users share in their time line. Unlucky for Blackberry users there is no feature in the current BlackBerry Player which can do so but you can do it with the Tweet Media Player. This application can read all your MP3 files and play it for you and ...

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