Find who you are calling often with BlackBerry Phone Logger

BB Mail Report

Phone Logger for BlackBerry is a free app which creates a report of the all calls you made and help you find whom are calling more often. The report includes ( 30 days of call logs ) Date Phone Number Duration of the call made. Call status ( Missed or Called ) and on top it lets you email this ...

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Trapster warns you to avoid getting speeding tickets

Trapster New York

Speeding my no means is good and you should never do it on the first hand but sometimes it happens that you get into trouble just because you were on the edge only get some pink tickets. Worry not, Trapster is mobile application which uses the GPS data on your handset to find these kind of traps where chances of ...

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Better File Manager for BlackBerry

BB File Explorer

BlackBerry inbuilt file manager sucks big time of you arent good with remembering names and dont mind doing lot of work , well may be that will change in BlackBerry OS 6.0 but till them Beam Explorer is an excellent replacement for File Manager or File explorer in BlackBerry. Features : Displays Free Size for Memory Card and Device separately It integrates with ...

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Lip Reading Mobiles

Lip Reader Phone Prototype

Its an interesting idea and might turn to be the greatest boon for many people who either hate when people just talk too loud or when you are asked to move out banks and other places to attend your phone. According to BBC Tech The device, on show at the Cebit electronics fair in Germany, relies on a technique called ...

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WordPress for BlackBerry gets basic formatting option : 1.3

Blackberry Wordpress

WordPress for BlackBerry just got update to version 1.3 and has lot of improvements thought I am not sure if it supports all the features of WordPress 3.0 yet. Here is the list : A Small little cute  formatting toolbar that allows you to use list, bold etc. Now you can load more then 100 comments and by status just ...

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Download Borders App for BlackBerry and iPhone

borders eReader App

Borders are one of the reputed online stores which majorly sell eB00ks and now they have come with applications for iPhone and BlackBerry which lets you read and sync books to your devices. There are many books which are free if you are not planning to buy one. Here are the screenshot for BlackBerry App : You can search according to ...

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One touch sharing to both Twitter & Facebook from BlackBerry

Share on TF

Share It is a free blackberry app which lets you share links and images on Facebook and Twitter in one shot which is one feature I find missing in BlackBerry, there is no way I can do it there. And you can share it without getting distracted of what your friends are doing i.e. It just uses the Twitter API and Facebook ...

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Free PDF Reader for iPad: iRead PDF

Free PDF Reader for iPad

PDF reader is probably one of the most sought applications for any device. If you own an iPad, and you are looking for a PDF Reader, here is iRead PDF which is a PDF reader application for iPad. Apart from general PDF Reader features, it also allows you to open PDF files from your emails. iRead PDF is based on ...

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Find which access point is best using your Android Phone

Wifi Analyzer Graph

When connected to wo Wi-Fi hotspot, many a time you see sluggish speed and the most probably reason is the number of users on it and how much bandwidth is being consumed. Luckily for Android Phone users, Wi-Fi analyzer can suggest them which Hotspot to choose. This app once installed on your mobile creates a stats graph for all the access ...

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Independence Day Countdown App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Independence Day Countdown app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

July 4th The US Independence Day is almost there, if you are excited about it, here is a Free iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch app you will love to grab. July 4th – Independence Day – Countdown is name of the app, and as the name itself says it is an app which actually is countdown timer app, using this ...

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Read Kindle Books on your Android Phone

Kindle comes to Android Kindle for Android

As we know Amazon’s Kindle is an awesome device designed especially for reading books, newspapers, magazine etc. Kindle has a huge database of books, and other reading resources, generally to get an access to this database, Kindle is must, but recently we heard about the app which allows you to access and read the stuff available in Kindle database on ...

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