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How to send message to an IP address or a user in Windows 10

Send Message to IP Address

When you have computers connected over a network, it is possible to send a message to them without using any software. The process works in a similar way how data is sent from one computer to another. Windows offers MSG or messaging tool which operates from the Command Prompt. In this post, we will how you can send message to ...

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How to enable Guest Network in your router

Guest Network in Routers

It becomes awkward when you have to share your Internet with your guests and to configure that you have to either tell them the password of your WiFi connection or you have to configure for them.  Even if the password is not an issue, many guests do sneak around with the files which you have shared with your family computers. ...

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DNS Exchanger lets you switch DNS IP superfast

DNS Changer

When you move between networks most of the times you are required to update your DNS so that connectivity to internet or to the server can be maintained. However doing it the traditional way has too many steps. DNS exchangers lets you switch between predefined DNS or previously used DNS in just one lick and makes sure you save the 5 minute ...

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Manage Windows Routing tables with Net Route View

Windows Route utility ( Route.exe ) is used to manage routing tables defined in Windows. These routing tables are important as they are like maps for your computer network to find it way in or out and also decide alternate routes in high traffic. Route.exe is the windows command line utility which allows you to manage it but if you ...

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Network Whiteboard for IT Admins

often IT Admins who take care of networking and building infrastructure for Big companies require to draw maps on to explain how it will look when all hardware, severs etc will look when put together. Network Whiteboard is a free application which helps you design in such situations. It creates a diagram which looks like a use case diagram except ...

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AirSnare detects unfriendly MAC addresses

Airsnare tracking details

AirSnare is a windows application which does a big job to secure your Wireless security. This tool can detect any unfriendly mac addresses which might be requesting you and gives you an option of tracking the MAC address’ access to IP addresses and ports or by launching Ethereal upon a detection. This tool works on Windows 7 also if you ...

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Reboot multiple computers remotely and make sure they are back online

If you are System Admin like Doug, You are going to fall in love with his brand new application, Remote Reboot X, The Ultimate WSUS Companion Tool, which can reboot multiple computers over a network and helps you make sure that they are online. Pretty crucial job when you are doing a software update in a corporate environment. Features: Import ...

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Net Con Manager helps you switch network profile on the move

After I took the office It was a common routine for me to change the network settings i.e. IP addresses and DNS settings of my network card when I came to office and when I get back to home.  This was little tedious unless Sandip Pointed out to Network Connection Manager application. This application creates multiple network profile using the ...

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How to find all open ports and Connected IP addresses.

Many a times you need to find what are the ports which are open and connected to Internet i.e. for example like yahoo meseenger or gtalk always connect to their server using a particular port on your computer. APort is neat utility that can give you a lit of programs which are using a port and connected to a particular ...

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How to fix slow DSL line – TS Readers Tip

Thomas Amundsen sent us a solution to fix DSL line which happens when Windows TCP/IP stack and winsock catalog gets messed up. Here is Thomas’s hands on solution. I had problems with something blocking my DSL Connection on my Vista PC. There were no problems with spyware, adware, malware, virus etc etc. The computer itself was running at top speed. ...

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Manage Port forwarding of routers and modems easily

When we talk about port forwarding to anybody they feel its kind a complex and to geeky thing, well that true to an extent probably because the interface makes it much more complex. We had talked about Port forwarding in our Utorrent Speed Guide but its old classical way of doing it. Majority of times, Gamers always need to port ...

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