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Send Large Files And Attachments In Office Outlook

How To Send Large Size Attachments From Office Outlook

When you send emails using Microsoft's version of Outlook.com, you will encounter limitations on file size when you attempt uploading a large file. Outlook will not allow you to send large...
Tools to Find Meaning of New Words Online

Tools to Find Meaning of New Words Online

From the 5th century since the advent of English in Britain, it has moved a lot from there. From Shakespeare to Ruskin bond. From writing on palm leaves to tablets and...
Convert OneNote to Word or PDF

How to Convert OneNote to Word or PDF in Windows 11/10

Do you want to share your OneNote notes with someone who doesn't have OneNote, or are you wanting to prevent accidental editing of your notes and convert them to a PDF...
Download Attachments Multiple Emails Outlook

How to Download Outlook Attachments from Multiple Emails to a Local Folder

Do you have many attachments from emails that are becoming a burden for you? This guide will let you know how to download outlook attachments from multiple emails to a local...
Presentation in Zoom Meeting

How To Show Presentation In Zoom (Easy Guide)

Since the coronavirus pandemic brought an all-online mode of working, learning, and partying, everything has shifted to Zoom calls. And with this, presentations have become people’s best friend, as they are...
How to Change the Email Address or Phone Number of your Microsoft Account

How to Change the Email Address or Phone Number of Your Microsoft Account

Are you wondering about changing your email address and mobile number in your Microsoft account? In this guide, I will let you know how to change it. Microsoft Accounts let you manage...
Flash Fill Excel Auto Fill

How to Auto Generate Months in Microsoft Office Excel

If you need to have a set of months automatically generated instead of typing them one by one in Microsoft Office Excel, this post will help you. You can repeat the...
check Office Document Compatibility

How to Check Microsoft Office Document Compatibility with Older Versions

As new versions of Office Rollout, it becomes important that a document sent also works in the old version. You may never know the version of your Office your client is...
import gmail messages outlook

How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

Many like to use Outlook.com as their primary email id. If that's you, but you have a lot of conversation in your Gmail account, then in this post, we will share...
Insert YouTube Video PowerPoint

How to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint SlideShows

If you have a video on YouTube that you need to share during a presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint offers built-in support. It gives you the advantage of not opening YouTube on a...
Select Text with Similar Formatting

Microsoft Office Word: How to Select Text with Similar Formatting

Suppose you want to select only paragraphs under five different headers (h2, h3 tags) but not the headers themselves; how you go about it. Microsoft Office Word has a useful feature...
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts PowerPoint

How to Create Custom Shortcuts for Microsoft Office PowerPoint

There are too many tools in Microsoft Products, and PowerPoint doesn't fall short of it. If you often create presentations, you need to memorize the shortcuts for each or create your...

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