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check Office Document Compatibility

How to Check Microsoft Office Document Compatibility with Older Versions

As new versions of Office Rollout, it becomes important that a document sent also works in the old version. You may never know the version of your Office your client is...
import gmail messages outlook

How to Import Gmail Messages into Outlook.Com Account

Many like to use Outlook.com as their primary email id. If that's you, but you have a lot of conversation in your Gmail account, then in this post, we will share...
Insert YouTube Video PowerPoint

How to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint SlideShows

If you have a video on YouTube that you need to share during a presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint offers built-in support. It gives you the advantage of not opening YouTube on a...
Select Text with Similar Formatting

Microsoft Office Word: How to Select Text with Similar Formatting

Suppose you want to select only paragraphs under five different headers (h2, h3 tags) but not the headers themselves; how you go about it. Microsoft Office Word has a useful feature...
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts PowerPoint

How to Create Custom Shortcuts for Microsoft Office PowerPoint

There are too many tools in Microsoft Products, and PowerPoint doesn't fall short of it. If you often create presentations, you need to memorize the shortcuts for each or create your...
Mark Item as read in reading Pane

Select an item to read message in Microsoft Outlook

When reading an email in Microsoft Outlook, if you notice that the email remains unread even after you have read it, then you are not alone. The default behavior is such...
Name Manager Office Excel

Manage Named Ranges Better with Name Manager in Excel

Named Ranges are a set of selected cells in Microsoft Office Excel which can be identified by a unique name. These serve a good purpose when you want to refer them...
Named Ranges Office Excel

Quickly Navigate to parts of Excel Sheet with Named Ranges

Here is an excellent way in case you have big Excel sheets, and you need to move from one part of the sheet to another to check or pickup data. If...
Drop Cap Microsoft Office Word

How to add a Drop Cap in Microsoft Office Word Document

Drop Cap means creating a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. This is very often used in many of the e-books at the start of a new chapter....
Transpose Rotate Excel Column Rows

How to Transpose or Rotate Excel Cells (Row to Column and Vice-Versa)

Microsoft Excel offers many ways to manage data in the cells. One such trick is to Transpose Excel Cells (Column to Row and Reverse). This is a handy Microsoft Excel trick...
Transfer Email between Gmail accounts

Move or Transfer email from one Gmail Account to another using IMAP and Outlook

This is a nice trick and pretty useful in case you want to move/transfer all your mails from one Gmail (virtually any mail account which supports IMAP) account to another. Now...
Forgotten Attachment Reminder Outlook

How to Enable or Disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook

It's pretty common to forget attachments while sending emails. It gets even more embarrassing when your boss replies, asking to send the attachment kindly. I will share how you can enable...

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