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Word 2007 : 15 Configuration tips before you start using it

Word 2007 Options

This article is a a beginners guide for Office Words which will tell you some essential configurations and options you should setup before you make your first Microsoft Word document using Office 2007. Already started ? No worries You can still do it. These points can help you avoiding some of the common problems which we face at the end ...

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How to select text with similar formatting in Word 2010, 2007

Word menu to select text with similar formating

Suppose If you want to select only paragraphs which are under 5 different headers ( h2 tags ) but not the headers itself how you go about it. Microsoft Office Word  has an useful feature which allows you to select similar formatted text in just one click. See the image below. I have 3 headers and under every header I ...

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How to add a Drop Cap in Office Word 2010, 2007

Drop Cap means creating a large capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph. This is very often used in many of the e-books in start of a new chapter. What is the use of it ? Well as far as I can understand its one of the formatting technique which is used to draw attention when reading e-books or ...

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How to check Word 2007 compatibility with earlier version

Office Word Compatibility Checker

Microsoft Word 2007 has amazing features which are more interactive and includes lot of dynamic objects. However these features and objects are not supported in older version I.e 97-2003 versions of office. So now if you prepare a word document using office 2007 and send to somebody who is having older version of office say 2003, what is going to ...

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