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How to disable image compression in Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Change Compression Type in PowerPoint

By default, any image included in a PPT created using Microsoft Office PowerPoint is compressed. It results in loss of quality of the photos inside it, i.e. High-quality images are reduced to low quality. Though for most of the cases, this is ok as it saves time, especially when you want to run it on a website. However, if you ...

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What is Show or Hide Ink in Excel, Word, PowerPoint (Office 365)

What is Show or Hide Ink in Excel/Word/PowerPoint (Office 365)

If you have a computer with a touch display, you can make use of the Ink feature or Ink Annotation which is available in Excel, Word, PowerPoint or any product of Office 365 which supports the Ink feature. It allows anybody to use touch to mark mistakes, naturally suggest new features. In this post, we will show how you can ...

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Add free Spell checker to Wordpad Notepad or anything you can type on

free Spell checker to Wordpad Notepad

Wordpad and Notepad are two windows editor which comes without any spell checker. Till now there had been no application ever attempted to add one to them. These two editors might not be very popular but comes very hand when you need to do a quick copy paste without opening any other heavy application. So the point is, How do ...

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How to sum a column on OneNote like Office Excel

sum a column on OneNote l

OneNote is a powerful tool to keep track and calculate expenses and incomes. However, when it comes to summing up numbers, especially for a column or table,  we know how irritating it is to sum all the columns at the end of the table. Table Sum Toy is an excellent add-on and is now updated to work with Office OneNote, ...

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Create Thumbnail of Microsoft Office Documents when You save it

Create Thumbnail of Microsoft Office Documents

By default Office documents like Word and Excel take the standard icon (I mean the word icon which represents the word document) but if you want to get a cute little preview like the images to get and you can visualize what they look like before you can open it. In this post, we will share how you can create ...

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How to add handwritten signature in Office Word Document

Signature Word 2010

Many a time you need to ask for a handwritten signature and if you are using  Microsoft Office Word you can use the Signature Line feature. This tool is available under Insert > Signature Line which is at the corner of the ribbon menu. This signature feature also lets the third party signature plugin to be used in Office Word. ...

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Copy text without formatting in Firefox and Chrome

Copy text without formatting

Its common to copy text from the internet. But when you paste it, it brings in all formatting with it. Its also called as Rich Text format. So if you want to copy content from a web page, but do not want to keep the formatting, here is how to do it. I have shared Firefox and Chrome extensions. Copy ...

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Delay Delivery: Send future emails from Outlook

Send future emails from Outlook

Delay Delivery is an excellent feature in Outlook if you want to send emails later, i.e., Send a future email. You can use this feature in two ways. One by setting this option for the emails you want or second by creating rules where you can specify conditions that will make it delay. It is applied to Outlook connected to ...

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Quick Tips on stuff you should use on

Quick Access to Microsoft Account Features

Quickly Access : Did you know you can quickly access Skydrive, People, Calendar etc by just clicking on the top left Outlook logo ? This feature will roll out everywhere once, rest of the properties get the same kind of upgrades. Outlook Status Check : If you think Outlook is not working for you properly, follow this link to find ...

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How to recover deleted messages / email from account

Outlook Deleted Messages Settings

Many a times you might want to recover a deleted email from your Outlook account even though you had deleted this intentionally thinking it will be of no use to you. does makes this possible by giving you a chance to recover them unless its too old. To recover deleted messages follow the steps below : Go to Deleted ...

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How to use Yahoo & Gmail Shortcuts in (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Outlook Keyboard Shortcut Settings

After a major overhaul of Hotmail or the Live Mail account to Outlook, Microsoft has also made sure that any anybody who is willing to migrate from Yahoo Mail or Gmail to can use the same set of Keyboard shortcuts as they were using before.  Below are the details on How to turn on those shortcuts or completely turn ...

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