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How to remove Gmail’s Smart Labels

Gmail recently introduced two new Smart Filters, Notifications and Bulk which declutters your inbox from email that usually comes from Forums, Backup Notifications, Twitter Follower notifications, Promotional emails etc.Though on one hand this helps a lot but if you don’t often check these labels, it is likely that you might miss out some important emails which I did the last ...

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Stop Gmail adding every email address to your Contact List

Disable Create Contacts for Auto Complete

Gmail by default adds each and every address which you have replied during your email conversation. Though on one hand this is one of the best feature for many who forget email address and use search to find but on the darker side it makes your contact list a mess and the real problem comes when you want to sync ...

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Yahoo Mail gets a New Look : Neo ( Video Included )

Yahoo Mail Beta Neo

While checking my yahoo mail ( Yes I use it ) few seconds back, I was prompted to try the new version which definitely looks awesome.  The GUI is revamped a bit with new styles, colors and icons. Other Updates are : Adding Email id to your contact is faster now. You get a Plus sign for them Better Yahoo ...

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How to enable a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

Wear a Badge on your Facebook or Twitter profile

You would have seen people wearing badges on their Profile Pic on Twitter or Facebook; these badges are generally worn as a support to some cause or ongoing campaign. If you too want to wear a badge on your profile picture, here is an online service to do that. PicBadges is the service using which you can instantly enable or ...

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Get your iPad ( One ) exchanged at Verizon’s Trade-in Program

Verizon Trade-in

If you are in US and have an iPad which you want to dump to buy a brand new iPad 2,Verizon’s Trade-in program now accepts Tablets also. This program basically will decide the value of your iPad one and give you Verizon Wireless gift card against that. In fact according to the news, they said a working tablet in good ...

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Google Page Speed tool now supports Mobile Version

Page Speed with Mobile Support

Google Webmaster Central relaunched the Page Speed tool, an easy to way find how fast your website loads.  The new feature is that now you can also test mobile version of your website. At the end you get suggestions on how you can speed up further. However when I checked our blog on PageSpeed most of the problem that showed ...

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How to add HP ePrinter to Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print Add HP EPrinter

HP just announced that all their ePrinters are now  Google Cloud Print ready, which means you can print from Google Cloud Print ready apps like Gmail to your ePrinter with one click. You don’t need a desktop nor you need to be at home. Do it from mobile or iPad and get the print ready even before you hit the ...

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Flickr Adds Social Sharing Buttons

Flickr Adds Social Sharing Feature

Flickr with its recent announcement,  has now added social sharing buttons which makes it easy for anybody to share any image on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress and Yahoo Pulse. Interesting part is if you have a photo on Flickr which is open to all, it can be shared by any user even if they are not ...

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Save your Amazon MP3 Purchases into Cloud Drive

Amazon MP3 Store Settings

This is another reason why you will love to use Amazon Cloud Drive Service. Till now any music you bought from Amazon was required to be downloaded on your local computer which also means that you need to back up and take care of all purchases on your own. But now, with Cloud Drive you can save all your music ...

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Listen music from the clouds with Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has finally come out with a personal backup solution with their new service, Cloud Drive which stores documents, videos and music right on the cloud with you worrying much about loosing it, nor carrying it on your mobile.  Along with Cloud Drive there are two more things,  Amazon Cloud Player for Web and an app specifically for Android. There ...

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PayPal doesn’t allow Payments between Indian Accounts via Credit Card

PayPal blocks payment made to Indian Account via CC

After RBI started tightening rope over PayPal to get clear details on how payments and foreign money was getting in and out of India, Soumen found another ban or restrictions particularly restricted for Indian Accounts. In one line if you plan to make payments from one Indian PayPal Account to another Indian PayPal account via credit card, the system does ...

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How to turn off Facebook Question Notifications

Facebook Question Answer Settings

After Facebook recently launched Question feature,  receiving 3-4 emails every day from friends asking questions has become common. What becomes annoying is when you get email after email on a question asked by someone else. Good thing is Facebook Notification Settings allows you to almost turn of question feature by choosing the notifications.  I really wish there was one click torn off ...

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