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How to add HP ePrinter to Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print Add HP EPrinter

HP just announced that all their ePrinters are now  Google Cloud Print ready, which means you can print from Google Cloud Print ready apps like Gmail to your ePrinter with one click. You don’t need a desktop nor you need to be at home. Do it from mobile or iPad and get the print ready even before you hit the ...

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Flickr Adds Social Sharing Buttons

Flickr Adds Social Sharing Feature

Flickr with its recent announcement,  has now added social sharing buttons which makes it easy for anybody to share any image on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger, Live Journal, WordPress and Yahoo Pulse. Interesting part is if you have a photo on Flickr which is open to all, it can be shared by any user even if they are not ...

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Save your Amazon MP3 Purchases into Cloud Drive

Amazon MP3 Store Settings

This is another reason why you will love to use Amazon Cloud Drive Service. Till now any music you bought from Amazon was required to be downloaded on your local computer which also means that you need to back up and take care of all purchases on your own. But now, with Cloud Drive you can save all your music ...

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Listen music from the clouds with Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has finally come out with a personal backup solution with their new service, Cloud Drive which stores documents, videos and music right on the cloud with you worrying much about loosing it, nor carrying it on your mobile.  Along with Cloud Drive there are two more things,  Amazon Cloud Player for Web and an app specifically for Android. There ...

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PayPal doesn’t allow Payments between Indian Accounts via Credit Card

PayPal blocks payment made to Indian Account via CC

After RBI started tightening rope over PayPal to get clear details on how payments and foreign money was getting in and out of India, Soumen found another ban or restrictions particularly restricted for Indian Accounts. In one line if you plan to make payments from one Indian PayPal Account to another Indian PayPal account via credit card, the system does ...

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How to turn off Facebook Question Notifications

Facebook Question Answer Settings

After Facebook recently launched Question feature,  receiving 3-4 emails every day from friends asking questions has become common. What becomes annoying is when you get email after email on a question asked by someone else. Good thing is Facebook Notification Settings allows you to almost turn of question feature by choosing the notifications.  I really wish there was one click torn off ...

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YouTube Adds Switch to turn off lights

YouTube Turns off Light

It is very interesting, YouTube has added a switch right next to title of every video which turns the website completely black.. This is definitely to support the earth hour today. Try it yourself on YouTube.   Update : YouTube has officially turned off the lights i.e. gone black during the earth hour. However if you feel necessary you can ...

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Where to submit a Court order againts a Website to Google

Google Court Order Contact Form

If you have a court order against a website who have posted allegedly unlawful content, Google has a contact form just for that. You need to provide what Copyright infringement has been done, location, what section of court order asks the removal of content and PDF or DOC version of the court order. Find the contact form here.

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Twitter’s #Official #Video on #5th Year celebration

Twitter has launched their new website which features the most prominent twitter users as listed by twitter and an Official Video which features these special people who are asked few questions like who do you follow and so on. Dont Miss it.!! Via Twitter Home Page. And here is the list of who to follow on specific areas. Art & Design ...

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Google Voice comes to India

Google Voice Greetings

Looks like Google Voice is activated for India or at least for my account. I came to know about it as soon as I logged into my Gmail Account and was greeted by notification which said “Make Free Calls through 2011” which is absolutely free for US and Canada this year.  Though doubtful I tried making a call to a ...

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Foodily : Search Food recipes without ingredients you dont want

Foodly Search Result

Search for Food recipes is something which my wife does often these days and being a vegetarian recipes which doesn’t have certain ingredients like Fish, meat and any other item to which one is allergic is a huge task. Searching around I came around an impressive recipe search engine, Foodily, which solves the problem. The basic search allows you to ...

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