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Google Voice comes to India

Google Voice Greetings

Looks like Google Voice is activated for India or at least for my account. I came to know about it as soon as I logged into my Gmail Account and was greeted by notification which said “Make Free Calls through 2011” which is absolutely free for US and Canada this year.  Though doubtful I tried making a call to a ...

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Foodily : Search Food recipes without ingredients you dont want

Foodly Search Result

Search for Food recipes is something which my wife does often these days and being a vegetarian recipes which doesn’t have certain ingredients like Fish, meat and any other item to which one is allergic is a huge task. Searching around I came around an impressive recipe search engine, Foodily, which solves the problem. The basic search allows you to ...

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Free tool to Merge and Split PDF files online

Free online tool to Merge two PDF files in one

Merging multiple PDF files in one, and splitting a PDF files in multiple PDF files (based upon various splitting parameters) is often required while dealing with PDF files. There are several tools which allow you to deal effectively with PDF files. Here is a set of two online tools, named as iPDF2Merge and iPDF2Split. User interface for both the tools ...

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How to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog/Website

how to instantly create a Free Android app for your Blog or Website

The thought of having a dedicated Android app to access your website or blog itself is pretty mesmerizing, isn’t it? An Android app which makes your website or blog available to your readers in just one touch is a great idea, and guess what this can be done damn easily. For example, you can download the app named as TSNW, ...

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View your Facebook Fan Page as you see your profile

The Facebook Fan Page caries lot of importance to many of the websites and companies, however it was limited because of the way it was designed. Sometimes back Facebook did bring a major change which makes this Page more useful specially for users who maintain a Facebook Fan Page. Now you can actually view it like your view your profile ...

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What is #FollowFriday, and how to make recommendations easily

Easily make #FollowFriday recommendations with Follow Friday helper

If you are an avid Twitter user, you might be aware of #FollowFriday. If somehow you aren’t aware of it, it is just a way to make a recommendation to follow a Twitter user to your followers. Generally, as it says, the recommendations are made on Fridays, with the #FollowFriday hashtag in them. Generally people make recommendations manually by writing ...

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Control the view behind Google Doodle with a virtual joystick

Control the view behind Google Doodle with a virtual joystick

The latest Google Doodle is probably a tribute to Jules Verne, a French author, who pioneered the Science-fiction Genre. Though I didn’t knew about Jules Verne before seeing this latest Google Doodle, but going through couple of Wikipedia pages, what I could make out is – the latest Google Doodle is based upon the Jules Verne’s popular novel “Twenty Thousand ...

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Get notified when a place physically changes on Google Maps

Eden Garden Change Notification

If you been tracking places on earth for any physical changes, like construction of building or if the lake is getting dried up using Google Maps, Follow Your World App can let know you when it actually changes. Yes now you need not to spend time checking every few hours a day to find it. With Follow Your World App ...

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Periodic Table of Google’s APIs and Products

Google Product API Periodic Table

Thanks to RJ, if you want to learn all the Google Products and Its API, related to Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data API’s, Social, Advertisement, Geo based,Tools, Chrome and other miscellanea products you can do it just in one page. This table is like the Periodic Table and links directly to the products website. You should bookmark it. You can hover ...

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ExoPlanet : Explore planets outside our solar system ( Video )

HAT p 27 b Planet details

Ever wondered how many planets are already discovered beyond our solar system ?  The recent find of Planet named HAT p 27 b the count is 519. Pretty surprising right!. I found this app for iPad called as ExoPlanet which can get you all these details in few taps. This application consolidates details of all the planets which are outside ...

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