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How to easily upload Mp3 as videos on YouTube

Upload Mp3 Files to YouTube with free online tool

You might be aware of videos on YouTube which only have the audio, and when you play them all you see is in an image file. Here is an online tool which allows you to easily upload Mp3 files accompanied with an image (.jpg, .jpeg) file. This free online tool to upload Mp3 files on YouTube is called ‘MP3 2 ...

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Find out if your Zodiac signed changed

Free Tool to Find out if your Zodiac Sign has changed

You would be aware of the addition of new Zodiac sign. It is being said that due to changes in the Earth’s alignment the dates of many zodiac signs have changed. In addition, there may be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus. You might be interested in knowing, if your Zodiac sign has changed or not, and if it did what ...

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WordMark makes font selection easy

WordMarkit Font Comparison

If you are into lot of editing work, choosing a new font compared to what your boss has already asked is a tough job. It’s not just about the boss but it’s about convincing them. Now to find something better, comparing is the best option and we end up in writing some text multiple times and apply different fonts and ...

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Know your Disease Risk for Cancer, Diabetes, etc. [Free Online Tool]

Know your chances of being affected from Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, stroke, heart disease for free

Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, etc. are the most common diseases of the current times. We all want to stay away from them; your lifestyle, working conditions, workplace environment, surroundings, feeding habits, etc. play an important role in your chances of being a victim to any of them. Here is an online tool which takes you through a questionnaire, and ...

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Find more than just time of a City with

loclatime for Kolkata

Finding local time about a city  is like so 2010 but with you get to know about the city more than just you can imagine. Probably the best information you can have on the first hand before even asking to any local out there. localtime pulls information of a city from various sources, starting from Wikipedia, Flickr, google maps ...

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Get reminded on email for important events : Alertful

Alterful Meeting Reminder

Alertful is a free email reminder service which you can use to send an email to remind yourself for a kind of event that might be due next week or a yearly event like your wife’s birthday which I am sure you don’t want to miss. What makes Alertful stand out from other reminder tools is simplicity.  It comes with ...

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Sysinfo explains where these startup entries in Windows come from

Windows Startup Program Explained

We all talk about how to optimize Windows Startup by firing MSConfig and drop the things which is not required and so on but how do you help figure out the installed programs to the end users. Its bit difficult to tell each and every of them but is making all the effort explaining all this and its impressive. ...

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Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheet

Free Download 2011 Calendar and Spreadsheets

2011 has almost arrived, we are about to say Good Bye to another year, several sites are offering planners, calendars, and spreadsheets for the year 2011, here 2 resources, where you can download free calendar and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel format., in my opinion the best blog which can make you pro in Excel, has come up with couple ...

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Montage is an excellent live topic tracker

Montage WP7 Example

If you are into tracking topics for either building project reports or to find latest update in an area, Montage is an excellent tool which I would suggest to give a try. The very idea of montage is to aggregate news from various sources RSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook etc and then filter based on what you need to see and ...

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How to Restore accidentally deleted contacts in Gmail

Restore Gmail Contacts

Gmail has introduced another great feature in Gmail which restores your contact list to a recent date if you have accidentally deleted a couple of contacts and want to get them back in your address book. However it is not possible to only restore certain number of contact it works as a whole. This feature is similar to what Windows Restore and ...

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Top 10 Powerful Tweets for 2010

Obama 10 Tweets 2010

Twitter Blog has just now released a dedicated page for their top 10 Powerful Tweets. They have explained in their post how they chose the top 10 tweets of the year. Though it doesn’t explain a lot of stuff but the baseline is how much influence your tweet made must have mattered most. To choose the Top Ten Most Powerful Tweets, the ...

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Why is Internet Slow today for you ? Ask Internet Traffic Report

Internet Traffic Report

If you are facing slow internet today it might not be just that your Internet Service Provider is slow but it might be a global phenomenon where people around the world could be facing this issue. Today I found that internet is very slow for me. It happened to me both at home and office where I have different ISPs. ...

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