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Login to your Live Account without a password

Single Use Code Form

Noticed something new today when I was trying to login to my windows live account. There is a new option which says : Not your computer?  Get a single-use code to sign in with. This appears as a link right below the sign in button. What is Single Use Code ? If you are on a public computer or on ...

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How to hide from friends when using Facebook Location Check in

Customize Location privacy

Facebook has launched location aware service integrated inside and you can make use of it by using this URL Whenever you update using this url or using the iPhone app, your location is published telling where you are. However if you do not want to share your location or hide from few of your friends tracking you, here is ...

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Find alternate words for effective writeups with Ambiguous Words

Create attractive titles, songs, etc. using Flexible Words

‘Ambiguous Words’ is an online resource, which basically showcases the words which have flexible meaning, in other words we can say that it is an online database of words which do have several meanings and hence are flexible. This flexibility can be utilized to flaunt you writings, let it be poems, stories, songs, or just a title of a write-up. ...

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How to find your FICO Score ( Credit Score )

FICO Score

FICO in simple words means your credit worthiness which means when you apply for a loan it becomes criteria to get you the loan. In countries like United States this is one of the factors which gets you credit for anything, In India it’s called CIBIL score. If you had paid your loans in time and there is no delayed ...

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A Webpage to turn Windows 7 into a hotspot


Windows 7 has a feature which can turn it into a router which in turn means you do not need to have router at your home and can use any Windows 7 enabled Laptop or desktop as hotspot and share internet connection with rest of the computer at home. This feature doesn’t have in-built control to enable or disable so ...

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Find the Shortest Path or Route between two Wikipedia Articles

Shortest Path or Route From one Wikipedia Article to other

I don’t know why somebody will need this, but this is something really amazing to see, this is an online tool, which does the job of finding the shortest browsing path from one Wikipedia article to other. If you have browsed through Wikipedia, you must have seen the links (hyperlinks) which take you to other Wikipedia article from the one ...

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Bill Shrink saves your money on everyday expenses

Bill Shrink

The current market is competitive in every area, Right from banking sectors to car and even between companies who make bread for you.  With more and more options it also becomes little difficult to find the best plan for your phone or credit card. In India we have two services, TrimBill for finding best DTH & Internet Plans and for ...

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Calculate how much Gas you will need : GoGas

Go Gas Calculator

Planning to travel for couple of hours by car also needs you to calculate how much gas you might need.  Though Gas Pumps are everywhere but it’s always a good idea to have your gas ready for when it’s  bad luck. GoGas is one such tool which helps you calculate how much gas you will need to travel from one place to another ...

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Why you should use the new Tweet Button and not Plain HTML

Tweet Button Count

Twitter recently has introduced the new twitter button which is similar to Facebook’s Like and really kicks the butt of the plain html way of making the tweet this on web pages.  Here is why Drawbacks of Simple HTML Twitter Share Button : Using plain HTML code ( sample code for WordPress below ) you can only let people share but there is no ...

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Docs Friends Chart tells more about your Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends Chart

Another interesting excel based template from, Friends Chart. This templates pulls gender, age, and location of your Facebook Friends and create an interesting graph so you can know actually not only from where your Facebook friends are from but also know which age group and sex they fall into. You do not have to worry about privacy issues if you ...

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Create PowerPoint Slideshow of your Facebook Album

Anant PhotoShow on Facebook

Another Social Template of Docs is Photo Show. This template creates a PowerPoint Slide show from one of your Facebook Album or videos or profile pictures. Here is a sample sideshow of my son Anant’s Pictures after one year. Though there is not much option to customize the template but looks very nice. There are stars and shiny elements with animation effect ...

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Create Resume out of your Facebook Profile

Docs Social Templates has few Social Media templates which lets you do amazing things. The first one I would pick up is Resume Creator. If you are on Facebook from Job or Startup point of view and have good information about your Employers and whom you are connected to, you experience etc, The resume template is what you should take a look ...

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