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Add your photos on billboard, car, film strip, Rubik’s Cube etc.

Add your Photos on TV, Cars, Scenic Views, billboards etc.

Looks like the number of online services which allow you to play around with your photos, by adding your photo on several objects like, billboards, TV, Celebrity T-shirt, superhero’s body etc. is growing every day. Here is another service on same lines; this too has several effects (presets) available like other counterparts, and name of this service is You ...

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Zoom Appy : Visual Map of the Apple App Store

Zoom App Single App view

iTunes is one of the most popular tool to find and download apps for iPad or any apple device. Zoom Appy is another example which gives you visual map of the Apple App store and includes filtering criteria such as price, device, connectivity,paid or free,  what features of the phone is used.  The search result is an awesome visual map where ...

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Zoom It : Share high resolution images which you can zoom

Zoom It is Microsoft’s Live Labs online tool which makes sharing and viewing of high-resolution images easy. It converts any online image into Deep Zoom Image  format and then making it easier for you to explore images which are of very high-resolution i.e. image which are pretty big and does not fit in your screen  You can use the plus,minus icons to zoom in ...

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Sweep : Smart way to clean Hotmail Inbox

Sweep Menu Hotmail

The new Hotmail has been finally rolled out with tons of feature you would see as you start using it. The best of all I liked is the Sweep Feature which helps you in cleaning your inbox or any folder a lot easier. What is Sweep in Hotmail ? This feature does what it says. Cleans up all the email from ...

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Clip and share parts of any webpage on the fly

Clip and share specific parts from a webpage

It often happens that you want to share some selective content from a webpage, in such case simply copying the URL and sharing it doesn’t serve our purpose well. We do have some tools which help us in posting only the specific content from the page, in the same series; here is a tool, named as Memonic. In order to ...

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Simple tool to Cut Mp3 Songs and create Mp3 Ringtones

Cut Mp3 files online with Cut Mp3 Online

If you are hunting for a very simple and easy to use tool which can help you to cut Mp3 files, in order to create some amazing ringtones, or may be for any other purpose. ‘Cut Mp3 Online’ is a nifty online tool, when on the Cut Mp3 Online page, you will have to click on the ‘Open Mp3’ button, ...

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Create SMS lingo message with AOLer Translator

Sms lingo translater

Chat Language, SMS shortcuts or if you have too many things to say on Twitter, A short messaging system is always in demand and AOLer Translator is one of them. This service can reduce your long sentences to sweet lingo in one click. All you need to put in your and click translate but you can do it on your desktop because ...

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Is your kid making project on Bugs ? Try Bug Guide


Projects at school are one of the toughest job for parents these days. Imagine your kid in class three asking for Egypt project, that’s real pain. So how do you get the details ? To start with, We got one site, Bug Guide which can help you and your kid to get information about Bugs for their science project.  Bug Guide is ...

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Send a Self Destructable Video Mail

Video Mail

MailVU is an exclusive service for users like me and you who want to share their voice and message using a short video rather than just sending a text email. For example if you and your family want to greet somebody in other city, Mail VU is a very good solution which can record video and your voice and send them ...

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Tips to save money when using AWeber

Unsubscribed Email Subscribers Aweber

AWeber is an excellent service for Email Marketing but since this is a paid service and you pay for every subscribe. It is important to know and track how many email subscribers actually read your newsletter every time you send them and also understand how AWeber Charges you. Choose between count and actual subscribers ? After a couple of days after I ...

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Online Services to meet all your media conversion needs

Conversion Options at

Online file conversion is something which really makes it damn convenient to convert files from one format to other, without any type of installation.  Wn often need to convert video, pdf, images, word documents and what not. I am listing down six services which you should bookmark. #1 allows you to several types of file conversion, and also ...

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