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How much you will end up paying extra when using a Credit Card

How much extra you pay when using credit card

Credit Card is one thing which charms everybody, spending money which you don’t have is always charming. However at the end of the day you will have to pay off but have ever wondered how much you end up paying ? Exactly the same amount you spent ? Not really unless you have already put some amount in advance ( ...

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Get an Alert when a paid iPhone / iPad App becomes free

Most of the iPad or iPhone apps are paid but when it comes to promotion they offer it free for limited several days. But the big question is how do you get to know about it ? You can and FreeAppAlert can knock your doors for that. This online tool keeps track of all the apps and when it becomes free or when there ...

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Convert PDF drawings to Autocad compatible DWG and DXF format

Convert to Autocad

For minimal use only. Many a times when you receive documents from client with drawings of what they want, it becomes difficult to get them into AutoCad compatible formats like DWG or DXF formats. Then you have to do some extra work manually or use a professional software for that. However if you have a minimal use, Convert PDF to Autocad is a good option. This ...

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You can soon login to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser

sign in to multiple google accounts

Yup that might be just possible with Google testing the new Multiple Login features which Alex Chitu has talked about on his blog. Below you can see the new option. I was just thinking on the reverse manner though. What if Google can let us set options for which service I need to signin in again for example if I ...

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Add Images / Links to GMail signatures : Now Official

Gmail Signature

Gmail has now officially supported for Signatures which can contain links, images and almost anything by adding Rich Text Support to the signature settings which is available in your account settings.Though you don’t get to add HTML codes directly into it. Apart from this you can have different email signature for email addresses you have added to your account. This is ...

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Keep running a YouTube Video forever

Replay Youtube Videos

If you are tired of starting your favorite YouTube video every time, infinite YouTube video just got a simple solution for you. All you need is bookmaker the script or use their online interface and it will keep replaying that video for you ever!!. And if you like only a part of the video to be replayed, it can do even that for you. ...

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Free Download User Manuals for 1000+ Consumer Electronics Brands

1000+ Consumer Electronics Manuals for free download

Whenever you go to buy a consumer electronic product like, a digital camera, binocular, camcorder, dishwasher, CD player etc. you generally get a manual, which tells you all the ins and outs of the product in few pages, and this manual is damn useful while troubleshooting and handling the product. It often happens that we misplace this manual, and the ...

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Why did Feedburner Subscriber Count increase all of a sudden ?

Feedburner Subscriber Graph

On June 14th we had a jump of 2.5K subscribers all of a sudden and for 2-3 days I was just wondering what happened. First I thought it was a glitch but it did not happen for all. I jumped right into the feedburner account and saw the reason. It was the Netvibes count which was included in the Feedburner and wasnt there ...

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Pilot HandWriting : Bring back the hand written Emails

Pilot Handwriting

Writing by hand is a thing of past, well almost, the way we are getting digital everywhere.  But what if you can write in your own handwriting using your computer keyboard  ? Amazing isn’t it! PilotHandwriting is one such service which allows you to create a fonts based on your handwriting and then use them to write emails. To get your handwriting ...

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Easily Download Photos from Facebook in a zip or a PDF file

Online tool to download Photos from Facebook

If you ever wanted to download photos from Facebook either from your own account or from your friend’s profile? As long as you are interested in copying 2-3 photos, that won’t require any special arrangement, simply right click on the Photo and use the ‘Save image as’ from the menu, but, if you are interested in downloading the whole album, ...

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Looks like Twitter is duplicating Tweets World Wide [ Upated ]

Duplicate Tweets

Yup seems so. I checked it from Mobile, Tweetdeck and the Web. All the tweets are duplicated meaning you can see it like 5 to 10 times in the time line. Interesting how it’s getting duplicated though they are at same time.May be that’s not that factor. Update : Looks like the problem is when the tweet is getting published. Its throwing an error ...

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Find if a movie is worth watching in theaters: Hello Movies

Hello Movies Review

Watching movies at theaters are expensive and that means that you just cannot think of watching all the movies there. Remember in college days we used to get CD’s of movies which were not worth watching at theaters and save some money. Hello Movies works on the similar line and helps you in finding if the movie is worth watching ...

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