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Time to Meet : Helps you fix meeting smartly

Time to Meet

Deciding on when to meet anybody is big task and it not only involves a lot of calls but also sever emails. Time to Meet is an online Meeting fixer which can help your meeting to get scheduled with you doing much of work. Steps you need to follow : Create a meeting and mark when you are available. In case ...

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Find Distance Between Two Cities : distancefromto

Find distance between two cities on earth

Trying to figure how much is the distance between two places ? Any Map service like Bing, Google will do that but here is another dead simple online app, distancefromto which just tells you the distance and nothing else. Just enter From City, To City,  and hit measure distance and you will get the distance both in Miles and KM. Another ...

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Watch Full length TV Shows and Movies online : Picrap

Picrap TV Shows

Picrap is an online service which allows you to watch full length movies, popular TV shows like bones, lost etc right on your computer anytime you want. In fact Picrap has aggregated content for 1000 TV shows which can be watched anytime on the go even without signing up with them. Picrap also has a TV guide available which will help you in finding ...

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How long you should steep your tea ?

How long to steep ?

Steeping Tea means how much time you should have tea in the boiling water so that the flavour and colour gets into the water to make tea. This is pretty important process because anything less or more can spoil the complete taste. Steep.It is an online tool which tells you how long you need to steep depending on what kind of ...

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Adobe brings eSignature Workflow


Getting signatures done on a document by many sitting on different place in the world is one challenging task.  eSignature Workflow is one such process which helps you doing it for which we tested EchoSign, one of the popular service, not long back.  Now Adobe has introduced Adobe eSignature, which is in beta, which allows you to get your PDF documents signed by any number of ...

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What’s Inside Spindex


We talked about Spindex last week, it’s an online application by Microsoft’s Fuse Labs with the sole aim is to bring social networks like Facebook, Twitter and applications like Evernote, Bing Search, RSS feeds together. Lets get into details.   First Impression : Keeping in mind this is first of a kind, the tool is pretty decent. You wont mind using it for ...

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How to Contact Google

Google Contact

Its not new if you had been trying to get in touch with Google or any of the Google’s Product team  there is no direct way except for forums and online contact forms. Well I am partly correct here because there are few numbers which exists which might at lest get you in touch with somebody in Google. Martin @ ...

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Spindex : Microsoft’s Project to bring entire social world in one page


I was expecting this kind of stuff from somebody from a long time. Social Networking has definitely taken over the entire internet world but with so many apps and so many sites it is easy to get distracted and managing it is a big time issue. Microsoft’s Fuse Labs has this excellent project Spindex [ which is in Tech Preview now and ...

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Track the Flight Cancellations due to Volcano Ash of Iceland

Flight Cancellations

Thousands of delayed people and billions of dollar is what has costed to the world because of the Ash Cloud that was created by the volcano that suddenly erupted in Iceland. Many people are still in queue and many still praying that flight doesn’t get canceled,  New York Times has created an amazing tool which actually helps you to find ...

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Check out how a website looks on iPad

With the launch of iPad, it is pretty natural that the webmaster and bloggers want to know what their website looks like when loaded on the iPad. Here is a nifty online tool, which can help you with this. iPad Peek. Once launched in browser, you get too see a web browser like interface on iPad, and here you can ...

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Drag and Drop files to attach in Gmail

Gmail Team keeps adding something new, let it be multiple inboxes, new window shortcuts, themes, message preview etc. and no doubt these things keep giving another reason to make Gmail your primary email service. Here is another new entrant in the feature list; this feature allows you to attach files in your Gmail simply using the Drag and Drop method. ...

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Select best seats in Stadium with Seats 3D

Closer look on stadium seats

Getting the best seat inside stadium for games is what people pay for but how do you find out the best seat for you ? You cannot just go and handpick it but more or less visualize it so here is a good alternative for you, Seats 3D. This online application helps you visualize the stadium and get to see ...

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