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How to Create Simple yet Strong and Secure Password

How to Create Simple yet Strong and Secure Password

Too many websites, too many passwords to remember. Its not wise to choose a simple password, and then we dont have enough memory for complex passwords. So in this post, we...
Manage transfer files cloud storage

Manage & Transfer files between Cloud Storage from a Single interface

Being a regular internet user, we all tend to have accounts on several services that allow keeping our different types of files online in clouds. This is quite possible that you...
How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

How to stop Favorites and Retweet Email Notifications from Twitter

Twitter Notification settings have option to uncheck notification sent for retweets and favorites made by any of your follower. If you have a huge fan base the number of emails received will be huge and hence either you need to turn it off or filter based on email id or subject line.
disable Personalized Tweets

How to disable Personalized Tweets on Twitter

Lately, Twitter has rolled out new ways to expose more types of tweet based on what you read, retweet, and favorite on Twitter. Its called Personalization or Tailored Tweet. I recently...
Review Comparium

Review of Comparium

Comparium is found to be the end-to-end solution provider for the developers looking to establish their websites with better responsive. In a way, this website proved to be effective in many...
Best Create Fonts Handwriting Services

Best Online Services to Create Fonts with your handwriting

Many of us tend to keep things as much personalized as possible. We keep searching for ways to make something look as if it has been designed especially for us. We...
Create Fonts Your Handwriting

How to Create Fonts from your Handwriting and use in Windows 10

Ever wondered if you can type everything in the way you write on paper? Stop wondering, and you can do it with Free Fonts generator, which allows you to create True...
strong passwords not remember

Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

A strong password is one thing every online user should have for an account he or she uses. Its required and suggested, but to remember them, especially with those which are...
Convert your images to ASCII art on your Desktop

How to convert image into ASCII art

ASCII art or art made by arranging texts or zeros and ones or any ASCII compliant character sets to give it the same look like a real image. Early printers were...

Its Hidden: VPN based anonymous torrents to download anything

Using torrents had always been on top "focused" activity for any Internet user. After all, everybody wants to download stuff faster. Torrents had been the best solution for that. However, there...
Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

Recover deleted images Posted on Twitter

It is possible to recover a deleted tweet from Twitter if you have direct URL of the image. However the url which is given along with tweet does not work. It is possible that images are only marked as deleted to be removed in bulk.
Geotag your Images

GPicSync lets you Geotag your images for Google Maps

GPicSync is an excellent geotagging tool. Photographers or anyone who want to show off their images and tell where exactly they took the photo. GPicSync can mix GPS track log with...

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