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Gmail homepage looking weird

A friend who is a doctor uses Gmail, and has loads of his personal information stored in his mailbox, called me up in the evening and told me that something is wrong with his computer, and Gmail’s Homepage is looking weird, and hence he was not signing in to his Gmail account, doubting it to be some kind of fake ...

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Quickly convert MS Excel files in to MySQL tables

Sample excel

Xls2mysql is an online tool to convert MS Excel (.xls only) files to MySQL tables, simply browse to locate the file on your local storage, and then click on the ‘Submit Query’ button, as shown below. Later in second step, it will extract the column names from the excel file to make the same columns in MySQL table, also it ...

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Free Download Auto Repair Manuals

Download Auto Repair Manuals is an online resource to download manuals for auto repairs, they have a huge collection. The complete category list is as given below – Acura Manuals | Alfa Romeo Manuals | Audi Manuals | BMW Manuals Chevrolet Manuals | Corvette Manuals | Daewoo Manuals | Daihatsu Manuals Dodge Manuals | Ferrari Manuals | Fiat Manuals | ...

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MoMA acquires the @ symbol into its collection

The symbol which we type every day without noticing that if that particular key doesn’t work for one day how much trouble we all will face.  The @ symbol is included in Museum of Modern Art in New York, the most essential part of billions of email id of the Internet World and which became the basics of replying any ...

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View Demo before you install iPhone & iPod Touch apps is an online resource to view demos of iPhone and iPod Touch apps. It mainly consists of videos, which feature iPhone apps, and these videos take you through the basic steps of how to use an app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. As of now, features 40 videos of different iPhone and iPod Touch videos. The videos ...

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On Twitter ? Track your Sleeping Pattern

Twitter Sleeping Pattern

People who are involved too much into online activities, right from blogging to reading to videos and to social media, Sleeping Time is an interesting tool to track your sleeping pattern or of any body if you are  using Twitter. This tool basically pulls the time stamp of recent tweets and analyzes when you had tweeted most and when you ...

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Kidrex brings Safer search engine with fun for Kids

Safe Search Engine Kids

KidRex is a Google Custom Search engine, designed especially for kids. It uses Google’s SafeSearch technology and for every keyword, it either doesn’t return any results any content which can be harmful. It will present only the results (webpages and links) which are safe for kids. Kidrex brings Safer search engine with fun for Kids KidRex works fine, I tried ...

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Time limit website visits with

Time Limit Website surfing

This one goes for internet users who think they waste a lot of time on websites based on video, games or even “You know that” . is a website which allows you set time for how long you want to stay on a particular site. This way if you have just 15 minutes to catch your bus you still ...

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Get notified about new music releases : Relisir

Any time your favorite Music Band releases a new album you dont want to miss it but problem comes when you want to know it first or at least never want to miss it. Thought TV and music concerts are best places to get the news Relisir is an excellent online utility which tracks latest releases from music bands and ...

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Modify & Test ride Cars with accessories you like

Vogue Tyre and Rubber Company is one the oldest companies, and has been rendering services to the automobile world. This company has come-up with an online tool, which is said to be their online showroom and is known as EnTyre 360°. EnTyre 360° currently showcases two cars, 2010 Cadillac CTS and Lexus RX350, and you can modify them for the ...

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Embed Local Twitter maps in your website

Here comes another awesome application of Bing. Twitter Maps availble on Bing allows you to watch local tweets as it happens on Bing maps. With twitter support of Geo-location now it is possible to find who is tweeting near by you and you can watch tweets right there. This is an excellent opportunity not only to find local twitters but ...

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Metro Rail in Google Maps India

Google Maps for India has gone tremendous change and I was pretty much surprised to see that Google Maps India now includes Metro Railways path when you plan your trip within the city and it includes Kolkata and Delhi both. Here are few samples when I tried. These routes are included in google maps when there is a possibility between ...

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