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Facebook Now Lets You Upload Pictures in Comments

Facebook Pictures in Comments

Good news for all the trolls out there and the meme makers…Facebook now allows you to upload pictures to the comments section of any facebook post you or your friend is making, thus tempting the whole world to participate in comments anywhere and with any image. In case you cannot see the image upload option yet, right next where you ...

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Twiiter Now Lets You See Your Tweet Performance

Twitter Analytics

It’s not uncommon that most of the pro twitter users use some sort of  analytics to keep track of their tweet performance and measure their influence. Twitter today has opened up the Analytics option for everyone according to TheNextWeb. This option was usually available via their Ad Platform and only to advertisers to find how their promoted tweet performed. Now before you ...

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Amazon India selling Kindle but thats Coming via Croma Retail

Amazon Kindle via Chroma

Received a newsletter from Amazon today about its first digital device availability in India from their online shop and its none other than — Kindle. Right after their announcement on last week, The list of kindle devices which are listed along with the price are as follows: Kindle Fire HD — 21,999.00 Kindle Fire HD — 15,999.00 Kindle Paper White ...

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Beware Flipkart, Amazon India is Now Live!!

Amazon India Movie Listing

Amazon India has finally made it’s way into India starting today and its time we will see good completion around with Flipkart. Even thought with limited stock but Amazon making its appearance in India is a big deal. Almost a year back Amazon did appear for India in form of Junglee but it seems it was done for getting some ...

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Quickly Remove Image Backgrounds with Clipping Magic

Clipping Tool

There is always something in the background of your favorite image that you never like. Be it the boring color or the guy with a weird face. So when it comes to  removing them, most of us end up thinking about high-end tools like Photoshop or use our best to do it with tools like Paint!!!! So here is an ...

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Google Plus App update brings in Communities Support

Google Plus Community View

Finally Google Plus App for Android has been updated to support communities which was launched last week. Even though Google + Community has its own share of problem, apart from notification overhaul for now, We hope they will be addressed sooner or later. Google Plus Communities Screenshot When you launch the communities for the first time, it will display the list ...

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Ready for Great Online Shop Festival (12-12-12) ?

GOSF Categories for Shopping

What is #OnlineShopFest ? Its an online shopping festival backed up by Google India to both increase the awareness of Online Shopping and start something for the first time in India.  It starts mid night 12 and will run throughout the day. So either you can burn the night oil or rest till morning to burn the whole day!!! You ...

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Two problems with Google Plus Community

Klaus Herrmann Communities Sharing

Google Plus community is on the roll and so are the power users, and it was pretty quick that many of you might have realized the problem (as of now) with the community and it seems like a vice-versa issue. Whatever you post to Public Community, gets posted to your Profile, and you cannot share anything with your community when ...

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Right way to setup Google Plus Community Photo

Google Plus Community Photo

Google Plus has a new feature, Community, which is an equivalent to Facebook Groups, and if you are a webmaster who would like to take advantage of involving your users to discussions without putting a lot of efforts into forums, its a great choice. So now when setting up a Google Plus Community, one of the options is to set ...

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How to get Google+ Page Verified & then a chance for Vanity URL

Google Plus Page Verification

Google Plus is slowly growing and we never know how much contribution it can make into search result of users who are connected with you on your Google Profile or your Google Plus page profile.  The future cannot be predicted but in my opinion the webmasters should never miss this opportunity, because you never know where your users will be ...

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