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Facebook Apps and Websites Change Access

Starter Guide to Manage and Block Facebook Apps, Websites, and People

Learn how to maintain your privacy in Facebook by controlling the information you share with your Friends, Apps and Websites. Facebook provides settings on granular level and even lets you block users and apps and can make you almost invisible.
PDFBear Guide:

Your PDFBear Guide: Discussing Some Of PDFBear’s Most Useful Tools

For the record, PDFBear is one of the most convenient PDF sites right now, and it also provides so many useful PDF tools. If you’re new to PDFBear, read this article...
PDF Convertor Word Documents

PDFBear: PDF Converter For Your Word Documents

Some people find PDFs a nuisance; that is because they do not know how electronic files used to work back then. If people knew how revolutionary and exceptional these PDF documents...
PDF Bear Unlock File

File Management 101: Learn Some Of The Different Uses Of PDFBear

People all over the world are doing all their work done online and through the famous MS Office program. Most of us use them daily because we can save enough paper...
Unblock VPNs in China

How to Unblock VPNs in China

Unblocking a VPN in China calls for using a VPN with specific traits. Choosing the best VPN for Chinese or other censored networks may entail hectic research, involving a wealth of...
Togaf foundation Exam

A Guide on TOGAF Certification In 2020

TOGAF is an enterprise architecture framework that includes framework, templates, methods, explanations, and definitions for enterprise architects. TOGAF is the most important Enterprise Architecture Framework these days. It was published in...
Xbox Change Gamertag

How You Can Change Your Xbox Gamertag

Not happy with your current Gamertag? Are you stuck with a Gamertag that you didn't choose? If you're not satisfied with your Xbox Gamertag, you'll be glad to know that it...
How to transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Account

How to transfer money from PayPal to Indian Bank Account

PayPal allows you to add an Indian Bank account to your PayPal account. It will enable you to withdraw or transfer your money directly to your bank. It saves you time...

How to Cut and send a specific part of a YouTube video

Tube Chop is an excellent service that allows you to edit the videos on Youtube by keeping the part of the video which you want and delete the rest of it....
Find best parking place around Airport or Anywhere

How to find the best parking place around Airport or Anywhere [US]

Going to pick somebody from the Airport and flight got delayed? You will probably first find a place for your car to be parked, but which one is right and the...
Scheduled text messages

How to send scheduled text messages at low cost

Many a time you need to send an SMS at a particular time, but if you have a busy schedule, it becomes nearly impossible. While you can schedule emails, we don't...
free screen recording

Screecast: Free Screen Recording, Screen Capture and Hosting Tool is a free online service from Techsmit, which lets you capture screenshot and videos, and then later upload it on their website. If you are looking for a free screen...

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