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Twitter to introduce Contributors Feature similar to Co-Tweet

Twitter has a great ecosystem around it and one of the best service is Co-Tweet which allows multiple users to use the same account to tweet. This came in very handy for business and websites where multiple authors were given permission to tweet from that account without sharing the password. Same feature seems to be coming to Twitter also as Descary Discovers ...

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Why its too early to quit Dropbox and Jump to Google Drive or Skydrive

This post discusses on why its too early to move from Dropbox, to recently updated and Skydrive and introduced Google Drive services. The point where I am concentrating is “Why Its early to move, if you are already a very active user of Dropbox” and not why Drive or Skydrive is not good at all. They are, in fact, providing ...

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Starter Guide to Google Drive

Google Drive Features

One of the most awaited feature from Google has finally taken shape of reality, the Google Drive is here which in its true nature is the Google Document section which is upgraded to store any kind of files along with documents. We will take a look into this with more details. Introduction to Google Drive? How to get a Google ...

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WordSpy : Find recently coined words and how it is used in new ways


There is no denying that the internet has changed the way we communicate, share knowledge and access information. However in a more general way, the web revolution has made sweeping changes in our day to day lingo, introducing words that are both nuts and witty at the same time. Word listings include definitions, background, earliest citations and list of related, ...

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Google Plus Pages get Managers and Transfer Ownership Mode

Google Plus Managers

Finally Multiple Admins like Facebook Page feature has landed on Google Plus pages also where you can add people as managers to manage page and notification. Strange thing is you need to invite by email and you cannot add it by Google Plus ID from any of your circle or page circle. Managers Capabilities : Apart from Deleting the page ...

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Airtel Subscribers in India can now tweet a photo via MMS

Indian Airtel Shortcode

Twitter India just tweeted that Airtel Subscribers in India can not post a photo on their twitter account using MMS. Though I am not sure who in this age is using MMS but since many rural areas still don’t have access to so fast internet, this might just help them as they are already using Twitter via SMS. Also you ...

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Make Movie from your Facebook Timeline and Updates

Facebook Timeline

Ever since Facebook Launched its Timeline Feature I was very excited to try , one of the reason maybe was the Nice and Sleek Marketing Promo Video which Facebook Showed to let us know what Timeline was all about , Facebook Timeline was pretty good at what it did , told stories of your life via a Vertical Timeline , it told ...

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Record a message to be posted on your Facebook profile after your death

Upload a video message to be posted after your death on your Facebook profile

Facebook is becoming more and more popular every day, developers all across the globe keep on developing several Facebook apps. You might have seen several Facebook apps but this one which I came across recently is little different. Let us have a look at what this app is all about. This app actually is related to a bitter truth we ...

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Create Temporary Email from your iPhone, iPad, iPod : Melt Mail

Melt Mail iOS App

There are lot many reasons why anybody will love to use temporary email than real one unless they can trust them. This is specially useful for new services which users want to try but since many online services has misused people stay off from revealing their real email id. Now coming back to topic, There is a new service name as Melt Mail which ...

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Facebook Launches “Listen to Music” With Your Friends

Facebook Listen to Music

Finally Facebook has given one more reason to stay and connect with your friends on Facebook and this time the reason is pretty sweet, MUSIC. Facebook just announced that soon you will see “Listen With <Friend Name> ” if your friend is lsieting to a music which is connected with it Facebook account. So your Friend will be your DJ as you ...

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