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Tubalr really makes it easy to listen songs from YouTube


If you use YouTube for listening to songs, today we are sharing a really nice service, Tubalr ( Thanks Dhruv ) which not only makes it easy for you to listen to the songs also lets you create your playlist using the favorite feature which you get once registered with them. So using is simple, search for songs using artist name and ...

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Make Business cards from your Facebook Timeline & Account Details

Facebook Cards

Looks like Facebook  next step is to get into offline world of humans with its first step is to let people create business card using the new timeline features, specially using the cover image and other info like your Status Update, Location etc which you have made public in your profile. To start making your Facebook Business Cards, Go here and start making. You ...

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Acer bringing iCloud Like Service : CES 2012

Acer Cloud Service

Acer just announced to bring a cloud service, Acer Always Connect @ ces 2012, for multimedia and data files making it available over the cloud to be accessed from any where. What is interesting is that Acer Cloud installed on a PC can wake it up and if it is connected to WIFI, you can play your movies stored on your computer to ...

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Automatically Process files dropped in a Dropbox Folder

Automatically Process files dropped in a Dropbox Folder

Dropbox doesn’t need any introduction, and definitely is one of the best services to store, host and share your files in clouds. Also the desktop agent for Dropbox makes it damn convenient to manage your files. There is a huge list of applications which allow you to handle and manage the files in your Dropbox folders; if you are not ...

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GoDaddy Blocking Domain transfers or BUG ?

Recent SOPA Issue and Domain Giant, GoDaddy Support to it triggered a chain reaction among Webmasters transferring domains in bulk which was in thousands ( Huge Loss to GoDaddy in Long Run ) and now Tamar, NameCheap Community Manager is reporting that webmasters who have transferred domains to Namecheap are getting issues and its because GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to ...

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Facebook messenger for Windows 7

Facebook Messenger for Windows

If most of you have always used Facebook only to connect with users on Chat or don’t want open it because of all the extra things on the timeline,  Windows Users have a choice now with Facebook Messenger is now available for Windows 7 which was being tested before. However this seems to trimmed web version because if you signout from here, you will ...

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Video : Hand Draw Expressions = Scribbles on Gmail for Mobile / iOS

Scribble Gmail

Gmail has just rolled in a tool which lets you draw your thought when you are creating a new email and it works specifically over mobile version of Gmail or the iOS App ( which uses the Mobile version actually). This tool lets you hand draw anything you want, call it a paint if you want and when you are done is ...

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Will you change dates for your Facebook Updates

Updating TImeline Status

Facebook new “TimeLine” feature was recently rolled to most of the users and what is scary and confusing is the ability to completely screw your timeline by moving your updates from one date to somewhere in past which I find is completely ridiculous except one option which lets me hide some update which is OK if you are embarrassed of what you said and just don’t want it ...

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How to setup Yahoo’s Second sign-in verification

Yahoo Mobile Number Verification

Yahoo accounts are now more secure than before with the recent launch of Second sign-in verification method introduced which like Google Authentication method sends to you SMS to login to your account once you have successfully verified your password but even though it is very much different from Google’s method. How to set it up ? Go to your Yahoo Account ...

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Guide to New YouTube Channel Interface

Youtube Subscription

 For YouTube Users : YouTube Home page is much useful now as it allows you to watch your subscribed videos much easily with the three column layout where all videos from a particular channel selected on the left are shown in the middle column. “Show Uploads Only” Filter makes sure that you only see the new videos and not anything ...

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Add People to Google Plus Hangouts by calling them on Phone

Google Hangout Calls to Mobiles

Google Plus Hangouts now are supporting making calls from the Hangout Extra so you can ask people to join your hangout even if they are not on computer and they do not have Google Plus on their phone  which obviously is using Google Voice. You can call to anybody in US and Canada for free and from anywhere in the world.   ...

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