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Will you change dates for your Facebook Updates

Updating TImeline Status

Facebook new “TimeLine” feature was recently rolled to most of the users and what is scary and confusing is the ability to completely screw your timeline by moving your updates from one date to somewhere in past which I find is completely ridiculous except one option which lets me hide some update which is OK if you are embarrassed of what you said and just don’t want it ...

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How to setup Yahoo’s Second sign-in verification

Yahoo Mobile Number Verification

Yahoo accounts are now more secure than before with the recent launch of Second sign-in verification method introduced which like Google Authentication method sends to you SMS to login to your account once you have successfully verified your password but even though it is very much different from Google’s method. How to set it up ? Go to your Yahoo Account ...

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Guide to New YouTube Channel Interface

Youtube Subscription

 For YouTube Users : YouTube Home page is much useful now as it allows you to watch your subscribed videos much easily with the three column layout where all videos from a particular channel selected on the left are shown in the middle column. “Show Uploads Only” Filter makes sure that you only see the new videos and not anything ...

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Add People to Google Plus Hangouts by calling them on Phone

Google Hangout Calls to Mobiles

Google Plus Hangouts now are supporting making calls from the Hangout Extra so you can ask people to join your hangout even if they are not on computer and they do not have Google Plus on their phone  which obviously is using Google Voice. You can call to anybody in US and Canada for free and from anywhere in the world.   ...

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How to Enable or Disable Google Plus Circles for Chat

Chat with people in your Circle

Chat in Google Plus lets you converse with anybody who is in your circle which is different from the Gmai Chat or Gtalk but this also brings in lot of crowd and if you have a lot of people pinging you in, you must have always wished of getting invisible in Google Plus and with that feature missing you just ...

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It’s Easy to exploit Google Author markup ?

Author Meta Deta

Though it seems like a flaw but if one can find how this whole thing works, Google Plus Authority Signal can be Gamed. Here is what happened today : For one of the query, My Nokia Drive XAP Leak post was displaying Matt Cutts Google Plus Profile Picture . First I thought he shared the post but then when I took a careful ...

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BeKnown brings Job Search to Facebook

BeKnow Profile

Facbook which has reached 8 Million Users connected to one another in one or the other has great potential of connectivity and keeping this in mind, Monster launched a Job Based App named as BeKnow which combines the power of Facebook Connectivity with Monster Job Search to bring even more power to the whole process. We had a meetup with Monster before BeKnow was ...

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Photo Tag People in Google Plus and How to Disable it

Features are coming slowly into Google plus and now its turn for Photo Tagging which is also one of the most amazing and hated feature of Facebook Astricky has finally landed to Google Plus. Well honestly speaking this is not new to Google as this has been on Picasa for ages but the only drawback which I see is assigning a photo to my ...

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Google Music Player Shortcuts : And they are obvious

Google Music

Recently Google announced their Music Service, Google Music to available for everybody but only in US and since you will be stuck all the time with the online music player,  unless the API opens up for everybody,  Lifehacker was able to grab the snapshot of the player shortcuts which you can use to power manage your playlist and songs. Surprisingly it is way more ...

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Skype Promoting Group Video Calling with Birthday Wish App on Facebook

Happy Birthday Kadu via Skype

This is simply brilliant, Skype has an app page on Facebook, Say it with Skype,  which allows you to send Video Message to any of your friend on Facebook on his birthday.  Now this video is personalized as you sing along a birthday wish along with some songs available and then add a personalized not which is shown to him when the ...

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