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Polar Rose – Find images by name, facial recognition and 3D Imaging

Polar Rose a new group which offers an entirely different way for photo recognition.It finds the images on web based on facial recognition using 3D imaging Technique. A Swiss based group is going to change the way images is searched.The main idea behind this is people find images based on the name, so if i upload an image of mine ...

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How to send free scheduled text messages from your Computer

Free Text message

Sending message at the very moment you want can be done if you have a cell phone but mobiles till date do not have a feature which allows you to schedule an SMS at  a particular time. This is useful when you are aware that you might be busy a that very moment but not sending the text is not ...

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Instant upload to flickr with location tags : ZoneTag

Zone Tag Photos allows you to upload images from Nokia and Motorola supported camera phones to flickr with smart way of tagging. Smart way in the sense, it can suggest you tags according to your location. Zone Tag application can find out your exact location from the cell tower ID that can be translated to City name or even zip ...

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How to read offline feed with Google Reader ?

Google Reader now allows you to read up to 2000 most recent items even when your computer is not connected to the internet. This feature is enabled with the help of Google Gears: Enabling Off line Web Applications which popped as when I logged into my reader account. You need to download it and configure and grant access only to ...

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How to convert image into ASCII art using photo2text

ASCII art or art made by arranging texts like “a or b o c” or any ASCII compliant character sets to give it the same look as a real image. Early printers where not enhanced enough to support even basic graphics ability and thus characters were used in place of graphic marks. They were mainly used for making banners and ...

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How to convert RSS feeds to Podcast ( Desktop and Mobile )

Blog Radio RSS to Podcast

Many a times you don’t feel like reading and wished that an article on website can be narrated to you like your mom used to tell your stories as kid. Though there are many text to speech software available but they are pricy and not every software works with RSS Feeds directly. So today we found an application, Blog Radio, ...

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How to find your song by humming ?

There are many people who tend to remember the music than the tone and you know where we end up!!! HUMMING. Yeah I remember so many songs which I hum but I don’t remember the wordings. Midomi is just the right place if you want to find your song with your hum. Yeah you heard me right. It can search ...

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Yahoo Messenger for Web is Available Now

This is the best yahoo messenger can give you. If you are stuck at office and cannot use Yahoo messenger because of firewall and you don’t want to use the ugly web messengers here is your choice. Yahoo Messenger for Web is the Web Based messenger which allows you to use most of the basic features of Yahoo messenger. It ...

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Create and Download Nokia Themes

Pro Theme Creator with Basic Image Editor

After getting Nokia N72 phone , I was curious to put some themes to make it look better. Though the default theme is pretty good but I want some different theme and more customized one. My search resulted in finding this site OwnSkin which allows registered user to download or make their own themes. It’s an online theme creator which  ...

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Visual Search with Your Likeness

You go out for a shopping and you get to see a bag carried by some other girl you never seen before.What you do , take a snap.Now you start looking for the bird on internet with some description which you see from the image.Bad luck you still cant find it. is a site which helps you to find ...

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