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Google Music Player Shortcuts : And they are obvious

Google Music

Recently Google announced their Music Service, Google Music to available for everybody but only in US and since you will be stuck all the time with the online music player,  unless the API opens up for everybody,  Lifehacker was able to grab the snapshot of the player shortcuts which you can use to power manage your playlist and songs. Surprisingly it is way more ...

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Skype Promoting Group Video Calling with Birthday Wish App on Facebook

Happy Birthday Kadu via Skype

This is simply brilliant, Skype has an app page on Facebook, Say it with Skype,  which allows you to send Video Message to any of your friend on Facebook on his birthday.  Now this video is personalized as you sing along a birthday wish along with some songs available and then add a personalized not which is shown to him when the ...

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Google Flight Search with Smart Calendar and Filter ( My Feedback )

Price Filter Search in Google Flight Search

If you make a search which is similar to “Flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas” and see the list of flights right into the search result,  then you should say big thank to Google Flight Search Engine behind it which you can reach  at Though it just works like any other Flight Search tool but what makes a difference here are : ...

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Google Plus One Button now can show Faces

Google Plus Button Preview

Call it a copy or say it adopting one of the most interesting feature of Facebook, Google Plus can now display Faces right next to Google Plus Button on any webpage if it is +1'd by anybody. Google Plus Comments Next ?

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