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Chat with people in your Circle

How to Enable or Disable Google Plus Circles for Chat

Chat in Google Plus lets you converse with anybody who is in your circle which is different from the Gmai Chat or Gtalk but this also brings in lot of crowd...
Author Meta Deta

It’s Easy to exploit Google Author markup ?

Though it seems like a flaw but if one can find how this whole thing works, Google Plus Authority Signal can be Gamed. Here is what happened today :For one of the query,...
BeKnow Profile

BeKnown brings Job Search to Facebook

Facbook which has reached 8 Million Users connected to one another in one or the other has great potential of connectivity and keeping this in mind, Monster launched a Job Based App named...

Photo Tag People in Google Plus and How to Disable it

Features are coming slowly into Google plus and now its turn for Photo Tagging which is also one of the most amazing and hated feature of Facebook Astricky has finally landed to Google Plus. Well...
Google Music

Google Music Player Shortcuts : And they are obvious

Recently Google announced their Music Service, Google Music to available for everybody but only in US and since you will be stuck all the time with the online music player,  unless the API...
Happy Birthday Kadu via Skype

Skype Promoting Group Video Calling with Birthday Wish App on Facebook

This is simply brilliant, Skype has an app page on Facebook, Say it with Skype,  which allows you to send Video Message to any of your friend on Facebook on his...
Price Filter Search in Google Flight Search

Google Flight Search with Smart Calendar and Filter ( My Feedback )

If you make a search which is similar to "Flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas" and see the list of flights right into the search result,  then you should say big thank to...
Manual Upload Matches with Flickr GeoFences

How to Hide Location of your Photos on Flickr : Geofences

Geofences is new privacy feature in Flickr which allows you to hide the location of any uploaded picture which is shot in a particular area. You can choose with whom you can share the picture.
Google Plus Button Preview

Google Plus One Button now can show Faces

Call it a copy or say it adopting one of the most interesting feature of Facebook, Google Plus can now display Faces right next to Google Plus Button on any webpage if it is +1'd by anybody. Google Plus Comments Next ?
Twitter Galleries

Twitter has Galleries but do you know your Photo Upload Limits ?

Twitter now support Galleries which are collection of images uploaded on twitter or from third part image hosting service. However you are limited to max of 3MB size of each photo and there is an unknown published daily media upload limit.
Google Related

Google Related : Can it help make search more accurate and predictable

Google released another interesting tool which makes it easy for users who just love to browse keep finding new content related to what they are reading which can be anything from Posts, News Images, Maps or even videos. It is called as Google Related.

YouTube Partners : Find videos not enabled for Revenue Sharing and View Claim Settings

YouTube Partners Publishers can not see videos which are not monetized yet using a filter and also view the Claim Settings they made while enabling revenue sharing in YouTube Video.

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