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Twitter Galleries

Twitter has Galleries but do you know your Photo Upload Limits ?

Twitter now support Galleries which are collection of images uploaded on twitter or from third part image hosting service. However you are limited to max of 3MB size of each photo and there is an unknown published daily media upload limit.
Google Related

Google Related : Can it help make search more accurate and predictable

Google released another interesting tool which makes it easy for users who just love to browse keep finding new content related to what they are reading which can be anything from Posts, News Images, Maps or even videos. It is called as Google Related.

YouTube Partners : Find videos not enabled for Revenue Sharing and View Claim Settings

YouTube Partners Publishers can not see videos which are not monetized yet using a filter and also view the Claim Settings they made while enabling revenue sharing in YouTube Video.

Guide to Manage Games in Google Plus

Learn how to Manage your Google Plus Game settings, permissions, what you share on Game Stream and how to edit updates you posted on Google Plus
Google Plus Not yet in Circles

How to Filter Google Plus users who are Not Yet in your Circle

Simple Sort feature helps you find users whom you have not added yet to any of your circle. However this comes with bug where users already in circle can be seen at the end and also you cannot add lot of users in bunch to any of the group.
manage your dropittome account

Video : Authorize anybody to upload files to your Dropbox

Dropbox related service which allows anybody to upload files to your dropbox account in a folder which is password protected.
Switch Accounts in Google Accounts

How to Login to Two or More Gmail Accounts using Same Browser

How to setup Multiple Gmail Sign in so that you can check two or even more Gmail accounts simultaneously. This works in IE, Chrome and Firefox.
Boost Facebook Comments

How to Promote a Facebook Comment Thread

How to promote Facebook Comments using new boost comment feature and How to implement Facebook comments.
Google translate hindi to english

Did you try Reorder feature in Google translate ?

Use Reorder and Suggested Words feature in Google Translate to get better translation and also suggest back Google Translate. This way you will get better translation and help Google Translate to work accurately next time.
Facebook Account Creation Signup Form

Guide to create account in Facebook in right manner

Creating a new Facebook Account is easy but there certain precautions and details which you need to give correctly. In this post I have talked about all those details including Creating Pages, Troubleshooting.
Tagging in Facebook

Hide your Face getting Recognized on Facebook

Changing privacy settings in your Facebook Account, you can control who see your Image Tags, Who Can Tag you and how you can stop Facebook from recognizing and suggesting your friends to tag you.
Greplin Chrome Search

Greplin brings Instant Search to Dropbox

Greplin is an online search service which can search files and folders in Dropbox Instantly i.e. Like Google gives you search result as you type your query.

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