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ZBug brings one click compression for JS and CSS for any website

ZBug Javascript and CSS Compression Tool

ZBug is an online tool which compresses CSS and JS on your website which you can download in one click. The download includes Original, Compressed and GZipped version which you can compare before implementing on your website. However it lacks in giving any further information or a comparison of what is compressed.

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Find What YouTube Users Watch and Search

YouTube Insights for Audiences

Make use of YouTube Insight for Audiences and Comment Search to find what YouTube users are searching for. You also get to see list of popular videos watched by certain set of users which can be defined by Age, Country and Interest. Both these tools are from YouTube can be used for free.

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See the Royal Wedding Photos in 3D

Royal Wedding Images

If you did miss watching the Royal Wedding, Bing Team has put up the photographs which you can watch in 3D i.e.Photosynth.  If you aren’t aware Photosynth, it’s a technique that  combines  the photographs taken from different angle but are overlapped. You can zoom in different parts of the image and see it from different angle thus giving you a ...

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Find who is taking snaps from your Stolen Camera

Finding a stolen camera is a very odd idea but if you can actually find your lost camera it will be like dream come true for many because you can get those moments back which you clicked. Camera unlike Mobile Phones do not  tracking mechanism inside them. So how do you track them ? Every Image taken by a camera ...

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Fix for making Facebook Send Button Work

Facebook Send

Facebook Send Button doesn’t work along with Like or Recommend button as said by developers and there are lot of people already complaining about it. Not sure if the problem is because it has not been rolled out for everybody or there is some problem because of the like itself but as of now if you have implemented Like and ...

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Delicious acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

Delicious Aquistion Email

Delicious just sent out an email stating that it has been acquired by Founder of YouTube. The next very thing you are asked is moving your bookmarks which can be done by Yahoo Itself because if you dont, all those bookmarks will be lost forever. The difference in moving bookmarks this time is that Yahoo will save your bookmarks when the Delicious ...

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Change Link Title & Description when Sharing on Facebook

When you share a link on Facebook,  details like Thumbnails, Title and Description is automatically fetched by Facebook itself which makes it sharing very easy. But many users would like to change title to pass a different message or even a better message like we do on Twitter. This way you not only make better impact but people know you ...

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The problem with Gmail’s Background Send

Sending Mail in BackGround Fix it

Gmail today launched a new labs feature, Sending in Background which saves a lot of time as you do not wait for your mail to go and then do anything else. In case of any problem you also get option to resolve the issue by using the Fix link . This link never goes away unless you close the browser. ...

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How to add a Facebook Send Button with Like Button on your Website

Facebook Send Button in Action

Facebook has introduced a Send button which can be added to any website similarly to Facebook Like button. The best part of this is, Facebook Send button can be implemented to the existing code of your Like Button code by just added “send=true” and to disable it, add “send=false”. This should be added right after href like you see below. ...

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Grabbing HD URL of a YouTube Video is Easy Now

YouTube HD Video URL

YouTube has added a nice check box right next to “Link to this video” which creates a HD video URL of that YouTube video. This appears when you click on Share button.  All it does is add  ?hd=1 at the end of the url which means if you want to watch a video in HD all you need is add ?hd=1 ...

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Synonym Finder : Search tool for Synonyms & Antonyms of a Word

Online resource for finding the Synonyms of a Word

If you are a writer, or even a student, you will be much into writing poems, stories, thesis, or other writing assignments. Generally we need to have a good vocabulary to keep the reader interested in reading our creation further, and in such case this online resource named as Synonym Finder comes in picture. Synonym Finder is a great tool ...

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