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Managing Your +1 Personalization

Plus One on Google Profiles

Learn and Understand how Google's +1 Recommendations affect your search result, recommendations and tailored advertisement on the Web. You can disable this from your Google Profile in few easy steps.

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Improve on your Searching skills with a Google a Day Puzzle

Improve on your Searching skills with a Google a Day Puzzle

Are you good at searching, do you know how to use Google? Being able to search anything effectively so that you reach to an appropriate result while searching for something in your favorite search engine, is an art. You need to polish this regularly, and probably this is the reason Google has come up with a unique concept, a Trivia ...

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Why Google’s Plus One ( +1) doesn’t ring a bell for now

Plus 1 D Search Result

Google Launched a Facebook Like button,  +1, which in short will create recommendation for other users connected to your profile.  Danny Sullivan @ Search Engine Land has covered it in detail but as a summary +1 is a new button available for results shown in Google Search.  So if you like a search result,  you can click on +1d which will ...

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Google : “It looks like you’ve moved”

Google Says Did you move

Seems like Google wants you to use country-specific Google Search i.e. or than unless you are in US. I switched to to find the search difference which can be country based and today it prompted me, asking “It looks like  you’ve moved, Would you like to use”.  Though not compulsory but I was give option ...

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Translated Foreign Pages in Google Search Result

TFP in Google Search

Google Search has this one not so popular tool,  Translated Foreign Pages, which lets you find search result in one or many specific language compiled at one place. This is essentially, Google Translated Engine integrated within the search result. What Google Search Engine is doing here is picking up a page say, which is in English and the using Google ...

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Blocking website in Google Search is Official Now

Block Website in Google Result

Two weeks back, just around the farmer update, Google released an extension which was able to filter websites from the search you make on Google Search Engine. Now this has become official with Google Rolling out this feature as part of the search strategy. Now for every result that is given to you from Google will have an additional link ...

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Want to cook something quick and with less calories ? Try Google Recipes

Google Recipes Search

If your family members are food fanatic like me and want to east something new everyday but no compromise on calories, Google Recipes are here which helps you find food recipes according to time taken for cooking and calories they have. Mom and Wife’s are going to live this. Go to, if you get redirected to your country domain, ...

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How to lock safe search (Google ) forever on your computer

Safe Search

Safe Search in Google Search is a feature which filters site containing pornography, explicit sexual content, profanity, and other types of hate content in your Google search results. This is a great feature if you want to keep your children away from getting to explicit sites from search. This feature is completely dependent on  user and can be changed at ...

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Images get new Landing Page in Google Image Search

Google Image Search Popup

Google Search got lot of improvements which you can read here but what you would love most is the new landing page or the way image is displayed to you when you click on any of the image in search result. This is similar to LightBox preview which many sites use in their gallery. This saves a lot of scrolling to find where ...

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DocFetcher makes searching faster with smarter Indexing technique

Search for specific text within the Documents on your Computer DocFetcher

Generally we download files, and save them with the same name as they have it on the server where they are hosted. In such case biggest issue is faced when you know that you have the file, as you remember downloading it lately, but you don’t know the name of the document file. Here is a search utility, which can ...

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Is Google now adding server location in Search Result

Google Location Search

Today I saw pretty strange thing when I was trying to find one of my own webpage in search. Apart from the url which is displayed under each search item, there was a mention of country just before “Cached and Similar” which usually comes along.  As I am from India, I was using to search. This was also seen ...

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