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Security issues on your computer and internet

Top Cause of Data Breaches

Missing Patches are the Top Cause of Data Breaches

The fact that software contains vulnerabilities should not come as a surprise. Human beings write software, and humans make mistakes. As a result, the software contains errors that might be exploitable...
automate threat detection

Unlocking Security Automation through Network Visibility

Cyber threats to businesses are becoming more numerous and dangerous. As cyber threat actors become more sophisticated, organizations must respond rapidly to minimize the impact of security breaches.Quickly responding to potential...
Protect Business Online

4 Ways to Protect Your Business Online

In a world where you are continually being warned to do all you can to be safe online, there are still plenty of breaches and hacks every day. Many times, people...
How To Protect Your Data Online

How To Protect Your Data Online

Data is a digital currency. Our personal data is being sold and traded globally to manipulate the target and influence people from all over. It means that finding a way to...
Artificial Neural Network

The Importance of Security Information and Event Management Tools for your Online Business

The continuous evolution of technology has influenced most businesses and organizations to protect their online operations. Regardless of your business type, potential security threats can damage the way your company works....
strong passwords not remember

Generate Strong passwords which you need not remember

A strong password is one thing every online user should have for an account he or she uses. Its required and suggested, but to remember them, especially with those which are...
DNS Malware Fix

What is DNS Malware? How to check and fix it on Windows 10

DNS is a system which helps you resolve the domain name to IP address. If this system gets corrupted, then you can be directed anywhere on the internet. No matter what...
Ways Protect From Hackers

5 Easy Ways To Start Protecting Yourself From Hackers

A cyber-attack takes place every 39 seconds.That pretty much means you’re at the mercy of hackers every time you go online.Pretty scary, right?Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five...
setup Google Authenticator Phone Reset

How to again setup Google Authenticator after Phone reset or switch

When you enable the two-step authentication for your Google account, it allows you to setup a Google Authenticator App.  The app generates codes and is useful when either you are out...
Torrent Privacy Dynamic IP

Torrent Privacy : Download with Encryption and Dynamic IP

As the downloading habit of people has increased, it had triggered alarms withing the ISP’s around the world. The reason is the increasing bandwidth, and then they had also started blocking...
Spot fake website phishing

How to spot a fake website – Phishing

In computing, phishing is a criminal activity using social engineering techniques. Phishers attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person...
MS Security Troubleshooter Report

Malware Troubleshooter helps you check Windows for possible security issues

If you get hit by Malware issues often even after having an awesome Anti Virus installed on your computer, its time to check what can be the problem and there can...

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