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DNS Malware Fix

What is DNS Malware? How to check and fix it on Windows 11/10

DNS is a system that helps you resolve the domain name to an IP address. If this system gets corrupted, you can be directed anywhere online. No matter what website address...
What is 3D Password Scheme

What is 3D Password Scheme?

How about an advanced security system that is quite challenging to hack and decode and keeps you safe against expert intruders? Well, this is something that matches your security requirements! The 3D...
Can Sending Bulk Emails from Gmail Get your Account Banned

Can Sending Bulk Emails from Gmail Get your Account Banned?

Planning to send bulk emails from your personal Gmail Account? Did you know users report emails from the same email account as spam? When you go through such a situation, Google...
What Is Spam Trap How to Identify and Avoid It

What Is Spam Trap? How to Avoid It?

Are you wondering why your emails never seem to reach your subscribers' inboxes? Email marketing on its own is quite challenging. If you add spam trap, one of the commonly used...
Block Spam Phishing Emails

How to Block Spam and Phishing Emails in Windows Mail App and Outlook.com

Spam and Phishing Emails have been troubling users for a very long time, but nowadays, spammers are getting more advanced in their approach, and you never know when you will walk...
Find If Email or Website Is a Scam

How to Find if Email or Website Is a Scam

Believe it or not, scams and Spam drive many parts of the internet, are part of many search engines index, and drive every other internet user nuts. You can do a...
Best Security Guard Tracking Software

How to Choose the Best Security Guard Tracking Software?

Do you currently know the location of your security personnel? Are you immediately notified of security occurrences and problems? Can you give your clients reports that show they are receiving what...
What Small Businesses & Enterprise Companies Need to Know About Ransomware

What Small Businesses & Enterprise Companies Need to Know About Ransomware

Ransomware is a threat to all businesses, regardless of their size. But while big businesses may have more to lose in terms of finances, small businesses are unevenly targeted. In fact,...
Common Computer Threats

Is Your Computer Facing These 4 Most Common Computer Threats?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years, you're no doubt aware that the modern world is fraught with potential threats. From identity theft to computer security,...
Protect Devices from Malware

Five Ways to Protect Your Devices from Malware

Viruses and malware can wreak havoc on your devices and allow criminals to steal your personal information, lock you out of your data, and more. Cybercrime is becoming extremely lucrative for...
Best iPhone Keyloggers

Top 10 Best iPhone Keyloggers

Are you an employer worried about what your employees are doing during working hours? Or are Parents worried about what their kids are doing over their mobile phones? Keyloggers make it easy...
Features Buying Antivirus Software

6 Features to Check While Buying Antivirus Software

Using antivirus software to protect your personal or business computer is a must. With the proliferation of technology comes more significant security risks and vulnerabilities that only high-end antivirus and anti-malware...

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