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RemoveUnlock Copy Protection Scheme From DVD

How to Remove or Unlock Copy Protection Scheme From DVD

Have you ever wanted to make a copy of your home video but couldn't because of the copy protection scheme on the DVD? This post will discuss removing and unlocking the...
Review Z-Cron A Powerful Windows Task Scheduler

Z-Cron Is a Powerful Windows Task Scheduler

Are you seeking a powerful Windows task scheduler to automate your daily tasks? Z-Cron is the perfect solution. It allows users to easily schedule, manage and monitor tasks on their computers....
Bitwarden Password Manager

The Best Password Managers To Secure Your Account

With plenty of social accounts, credit cards, email accounts, and other credentials, securing them is a must. That's when you create strong and complex passwords that are different for all of...
File to Folder utility

FileToFolder: Automatically Move Files to Folders With the Same Name

Having hundreds of documents for something is pretty standard in the Office environment. We keep on gathering from the internet or email, and in the end, we have a lot of...
How to Download Tagged Pictures From Facebook

How to Download Tagged Pictures From Facebook

Who doesn't want to re-watch all of their memorable photos with friends and family? Well, Facebook Friends Wall is handy in this case. You can watch and download all your tagged...
Combine Split Files Into One File File Joiner

Combine Split Files Into One File: File Joiner

You may have often encountered instances where the files you’ve received are not in an extension you are familiar with. Extensions like .001, .002, and .003 are used to split files....
Check if your ISP is Blocking the Bittorrent Port

5 Network Testing Tools to Check if your ISP is Blocking the Bittorrent Port

Sometimes you might feel that your internet could be faster and your BitTorrent is not sharing files or the internet quickly. A prime reason for it can be your ISP or...
Review Google Translation App

Review: Google Translation App

Are you thinking of downloading the best translation app for iOS or Android? Are you confused about the plethora of translation apps available for iOS or Android? Don't worry. This article...
Move Files Between Multiple USB Drives Simultaneously

How To Copy Files Between Multiple USB Drives Simultaneously

Many people across the globe rely heavily on USB flash drives for transferring and sharing files such as photos, videos, documents, etc. While using a single USB drive for transferring files...
How To Clean USB Flash Drive in Windows

How To Clean USB Flash Drive in Windows

Many users fail to completely wipe the data on the drives before discarding their USB drives. As a result, snoopers can view any leftover documents, such as contracts, resumes, personal images,...
Extended Task Manager Review

Extended Task Manager Review : An Alternate to Task Manager in Windows

Task Manager in Windows is one of the most widely used utilities and helps you analyze how the resources in your computer are being used. Task manager can also be used...
DNS Jumper Review

Review: Quickly Switch DNS on Windows With DNS Jumper

The need to have a quick browsing experience is one of the top goals of today's internet consumers. DNS is critical, and there should be an easy way to switch DNS...

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